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Hiring a Civilian Lawyer During a Court Martial

We here at SQ Attorneys often times get calls from military servicemen who may be facing a court-martial. Dealing with a court-martial, just like a criminal trial for civilians, can be a stressful situation for any military service member. Courts-martial are convened for military-specific charges like desertion, mutiny, or insubordination and crimes such as arson… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorneys – Profiling Still Present in Seattle

SQ Attorneys

In Seattle, is a person of color still more likely than a white person to be subjected to an officer’s use of force? One report says yes, finding that Black people, per capita, were seven times more likely to be subjected to an officer’s use of force in the City of Seattle. To boot, it… Continue Reading »

Seattle Criminal Lawyer – Homicide Defined

First degree murder is the most serious criminal homicide. Typically, first degree murder is both intentional and premeditated. Premeditated can mean anything from a long time plan to kill the victim, to a shorter term plan. The intent of the accused murderer does not need to be focused on the actual victim. If someone planned… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorneys – PPPS Week is Here!

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What week is it?? It is National Pretrial, Probation, & Parole Supervision Week!! The American Probation and Parole Association wanted to highlight those who work in our nations pretrial services so they created a whole week of celebration in their honor. This year July 18-24 is that week! Court pretrial probation and service (‘PPPS’) departments… Continue Reading »

DUI Lawyer – Drunk Driving Accidents

While a DUI conviction typically results in large fines and a criminal record, or even jail time, drunk driving accidents often cause death or serious injury to the driver, passengers, or other motorists. A number of state laws allow for a felony DUI (or DWI) charge in cases where the driver’s alcohol-related acts have caused… Continue Reading »

Seattle DUI Attorney – Basics of Boating Under the Influence

All states have driving under the influence laws that were enacted to help keep drivers, passengers, and the community safe. But did you know that every state and the federal government have laws against Boating Under the Influence (‘BUI’) that allow law enforcement officials to stop boats and other watercraft, and make sure that boat… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorney – Be Smart, Avoid Jail

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Note to self, bringing a concealed weapon onto a Washington State ferry may get you arrested. Just ask a man who was arrested last month for doing just that, carrying an AR-15 style weapon aboard a ferry bound for Whidbey Island. He made the mistake of exposing ammunition for the weapon, which by all accounts… Continue Reading »

County says ‘NO’ to FRT

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Earlier this year the Metropolitan King County Council voted to prohibit the King County Sheriff’s Office from using facial recognition technology. The ban arose out of both privacy concerns, and historical biases suffered by minorities, as evidenced by a slew of studies indicating inaccurate, false identifications were being obtained by the technology. Facial recognition technology… Continue Reading »