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Seattle Police Officer Injured in Accident

A police officer was seriously injured early Sunday morning when his patrol car slammed into a light pole after he swerved to avoid a taxi. Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt said the officer was on DUI emphasis patrol in downtown Seattle at about 12:30 a.m. when a number of calls went out for officers to… Continue Reading »

It Happened in Kirkland

Recently the Kirkland Police Department reported, among other things, 14 DUI’s, 20 thefts, 19 car prowls, 14 domestic violence related crimes, 8 acts of fraud, and 9 calls for illegal substance use during the time period of June 10th – 19th. Kirkland Police arrested approximately 97 people during that period of time. A sampling of… Continue Reading »

Watch Out for the Party Patrol

If you’re underage and thinking about throwing a wild “kegger” in Pierce County, you should probably reevaluate your plans. The county’s Party Intervention Patrol has been on a tear of late, shutting down multiple parties and arresting more than 50 people for minor in possession of alcohol, DUI and providing a house for an underage… Continue Reading »

Diesel Fueled DUI

In the early morning of Saturday, June 17, 2011, two men were booked into King County jail on suspicion of DUI.  The vehicle driven was a semi-truck full of automotive parts.  The truck allegedly hit a freeway barrier on I-90, lost its right tire and ripped a hole in its gas tank.  Thereafter the vehicle… Continue Reading »

The Changes just keep on Coming

Washington State DUI numbers seem to be ever increasing, and its DUI laws are tougher than ever before. Prosecuting agencies and law enforcement agencies are taking a “zero-tolerance” policy to drunk driving. Case in point, beginning July 22, 2011, Victim Impact Panels (that 2.5 hour class that DUI defendants attend so as to learn about… Continue Reading »

Apple Inc. Says No to DUI

After pressure from four U.S. senators, Apple Inc. has said it will start rejecting iPhone applications that tip drivers off about police checkpoints for drunken driving. Apple updated its app developer guidelines Wednesday to exclude such apps. On Thursday, some DUI apps were still available in the App Store, but Apple usually gives developers a… Continue Reading »

Party Patrols have Commenced in Earnest

Last weekend Pierce County instituted “party patrols” in anticipation of the inevitable parties associated with the end of school year graduations. It is always a busy and dangerous time of year for celebrating students; under-age drinking and drunken driving incidents are generally high during this time of year – school is out and the sun… Continue Reading »

DUI Crash in Washington Patrol Office

A 52-year-old Skagit County man faces possible DUI charges after he crashed his scooter Saturday morning just a few steps away from the Washington State Patrol detachment in Burlington. State troopers responded to the accident scene, on Josh Wilson Road at the Highway 11 intersection, at about 9:40 a.m. Saturday. An investigation found that the… Continue Reading »

DUI to the Stars

As we have said in the past … anyone can be arrested and charged with the crime of DUI. Case in point, Estella Warren, who starred in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes, was recently charged with four misdemeanors, one of which was DUI. The charges apparently stem from a May 24th incident… Continue Reading »

DUI Court Coming To Town

A new form of court would give drunken drivers in Yakima County a chance at sobriety.The county is expected to soon learn from the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission whether it will get the $150,000 in federal funding it is seeking to establish a DUI court for repeat offenders. The Seattle DUI Lawyers at SQ… Continue Reading »