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Limits on Over Charging

Pursuant to a recent Washington State, Court of Appeals, Division One case, State v. Rich, it is now clear that a DUI charge, in and of itself, does not mean that someone is also guilty of reckless endangerment; in short, there has to be some additional factor(s) to show that someone else’s life was put… Continue Reading »

Is it BS? Or is it BS?

In Washington State domestic violence cases, both Prosecutors and domestic violence advocates alike often tend to treat alleged victims as if they were suffering from batterer’s syndrome (“BS”). BS is a syndrome that is characterized by a relationship where the victim is manipulated by power, control and violence by a dominant and controlling partner. A DV… Continue Reading »

The Staged Evolution of DV

By now we are all familiar with what is considered domestic violence … domestic violence is defined as: (1) Physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury or assault, between family or household members; (2) Sexual assault of one family or household member by another; or (3)… Continue Reading »

Got DUI? Get Towed!

As most of us know, being convicted of DUI will result in punishment, sanctions and embarrassment. What many folks don’t know, however, is that simply being arrested for DUI can result in a penalty. Since the summer of 2011, Washington police officers making DUI arrests have been required to tow a person’s car from the… Continue Reading »

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We have written and talked about domestic violence in the past, but what is it … what is ‘domestic violence’? Some inquiring minds want to know. So we provide the following: Domestic violence is a situation that occurs between family members, people living together, or people in romantic relationships. It is not so much a… Continue Reading »