Monthly Archives: November 2020

Halt those Trials!

As the pandemic rages on putting millions at risk, some courts in Washington are taking drastic measures. Case in point, on Friday, the King County Superior Court (“KCSC“) announced that it is halting all in-person jury trials as of today in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus. This policy isn’t going to be… Continue Reading »

Intervention is the Name of the Game

In Seattle there is a pilot program entitled ‘Domestic Violence Intervention Program’. People ‘in the know’ call it ‘DVIP’. DVIP is a treatment program for defendants that have – or are facing – misdemeanor domestic violence related charges. The program incorporates the following features to help probationers, (1) court monitoring, (2) group and/or individual counseling,… Continue Reading »

Give me a ‘T’ for Terry

Many folks wonder aloud to SQ Attorneys – What in the pray tell is a “Terry stop”? To that end, here is the answer. In short, it is a police-civilian contact that involves the stop and limited detention of an individual. Such contacts are authorized under law for purposes of investigation; they occur when an… Continue Reading »

No Place is Immune

In Washington state work release facilities serve as a bridge between a 24 hour a day jail sentence, and being allowed to have time to work and live in the community while serving court imposed confinement. Incarcerated people in work release programs focus on transition – inclusive of finding and retaining employment, doing treatment, reconnecting… Continue Reading »