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Immigration Consequences

A criminal conviction can have grave consequences on one’s immigration status, and criminal defense attorneys in Washington have a legal obligation to advise a criminal defendant of the immigration consequences of a plea agreement or conviction. Immigration consequences are a collateral consequence to the criminal case, rather than direct, but nevertheless, all criminal charges can… Continue Reading »

The Free Flow of Information can Make a Difference

Often in criminal cases involving driving under the influence and/or domestic violence there is documentation in the government’s possession that may be helpful to a defendant’s cause.  Unfortunately, the government is not always obligated to give the defendant or his counsel all helpful information in its possession.   An example of this is when a defendant requests something… Continue Reading »

Seattle DUI Squad under Investigation

On March 21, 2011 the public was informed that the Seattle Police Department (the “Department”) is investigating allegations that a specialty unit of police officers within the Department – know as “DUI Squad Officers” – mishandled a slew of DUI arrests in the City of Seattle. The Department has since pulled all but one of… Continue Reading »

The Truth About the Breath Test!

Drivers charged with DUI in Washington should understand that a Breathalyzer — a breath-alcohol chemical test — is one of several pieces of evidence that can be used in a court of law. Passing a Breathalyzer does not guarantee a dismissal or charges not being filed, nor does failing such a test guarantee conviction. If… Continue Reading »

Malice not Always the Cause

There are many reasons that people commit crimes. Often society just chalks it up to bad morals or evil intent or malice. However, as many Seattle criminal defense attorneys know, many (if not most) people who get caught committing a crime in Washington State are not “bad” people. They are actually good people who get… Continue Reading »

Increase in Criminal Complaints? Time will Tell.

Seattle criminal defense attorneys and Bellevue criminal defense lawyers may be getting an increase in call volume in the not so distant future. Certain crimes can now be reported on-line in King County by going to A crime reported: (1) cannot be an emergency, (2) cannot be a crime in progress, (3) must have no… Continue Reading »

Arizona, Utah … is Washington Next?

Any criminal case in the State of Washington that involves a defendant who is not a United States citizen can have, as all Seattle criminal defense attorneys know, devastating consequences on that person’s immigration status. Some states are even moving towards requiring officers to check the immigration status of anyone stopped by law enforcement for… Continue Reading »

Sex Offense Sex Registration!

Over the last several years, there have been efforts at the state and federal levels to extend the penalties incurred by those convicted of certain sex offenses, especially offenses against minors. One major post-release penalty incurred by many convicted sex offenders is mandatory inclusion on a sex offender registry. If charged with a sex offense,… Continue Reading »

In the Grow

As all Seattle criminal defense attorneys and Bellevue criminal defense attorneys know – and frequently espouse – growing marijuana violates federal law, and recreational use of the drug remains illegal at the state level. Notwithstanding that fact, the legalization of medical marijuana – permitted in Washington and at least fourteen other states – has kicked… Continue Reading »

A Traffic Infraction is usually the Precursor to any DUI Investigation

As any Seattle DUI attorney or Bellevue DUI attorney will tell you, the bulk of DUI investigations commence after an alleged traffic infraction (i.e. speeding, following too closely, failure to use a turn signal) is observed by a law enforcement officer. Washington State drivers should be well aware that State Patrol has now been tasked… Continue Reading »