Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Unlawful Truth May Set You Free

The U.S. Constitution limits the ability of law enforcement – such as Troopers of the Washington State Patrol, Deputies of our Washington State Counties and State and/or City Police Officers – to search your home, your car or any place that you otherwise have a “privacy interest” in. Our Washington State Constitution provides folks with… Continue Reading »

The Risk is High when you Lose your Driving Privilege

A person who loses his Washington State driving privilege because he: (1) was convicted of a traffic crime, or (2) lost a Washington State Department of Licensing (“DOL”) administrative hearing is required to obtain high risk (“SR22”) insurance in order to regain his Washington state driving privilege. SR22 insurance must be maintained for a period… Continue Reading »

Nailed by the DUI Hammer? Fight Back!

According to statistical data, impaired driving is the leading cause of traffic fatalities in Washington State. In light of this, and pursuant to Washington State’s ongoing “Drive Hammered Get Nailed campaign,” our state law enforcement agencies have increased their DUI patrols on our local roadways; the increased patrols commenced in earnest on August 12, 2010. The campaign is the largest… Continue Reading »

Heed the Signs, or Else…

As Western Washingtonians may have recently noticed, there are new highway signs going up all around the region. The first set of highway signs cover I-5 from the Boeing Access Road to the I-90 intersection, and are set to be officially lit up at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. There are at least… Continue Reading »

The Engines are Starting, Seafair BUI/ DUI Patrols Abound

As they seemingly do every year during our annual SeaFair weekend, law enforcement officers from all around Western Washington are planning to take to the water on Lake Washington. They will be looking for people suspected of piloting watercrafts while under the influence of intoxicants; the heightened patrols will begin in earnest on Friday and… Continue Reading »