Monthly Archives: September 2013

Woman Arrested Twice for DUI within Three Hours

A woman has been arrested for driving drunk twice within a 3-hour period. The first arrest came after she plowed into the front of a Black Diamond store. Police say 58-year-old Laura Kelsch wasn’t hurt and no one else was either. Surveillance video of the crash showed officers giving her a field sobriety test and… Continue Reading »

Impoundment has now Expanded to Boats in King County

Pursuant to new Washington legislation passed by a measure this week, the King County Sheriff’s Office is now permitted to impound vessels found to be operated on our waterways by folks accused of boating while impaired. Similar to the impoundment of vehicles for those arrested for DUI (now known as’ Hailey’s Law’), the fees could be costly… Continue Reading »

Changes on Horizon, Dismissals Secured

On the wake of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s Wednesday announcement that he would recommend new funding for domestic-violence victims (three years after getting rid of the city’s domestic-violence prevention director and folding the independent office into another division within the Human Services Department), SQ Attorneys was able to secure two dismissals on DV related cases,… Continue Reading »

Two Weeks or Two Years – A 'Charge' is Likely if 'Cited' for DUI

Many folks (including rabid NBA fans) may be wondering why Lamar Odom was charged for a DUI nearly two weeks after his Mercedes-Benz was pulled over on a Southern California freeway; the charge stemmed from a DUI arrest on August 30, 2013 in San Fernando Valley. If he was arrested on the 30th of August… Continue Reading »


Like the Seattle Seahawks, SQ attorneys has pulled out a few wins recently. Over the course of the past two weeks, SQ attorneys has been able to get two clients’ Malicious Mischief charges dismissed in two separate Washington state courts. Like the Seahawks victory earlier today, the feat was not easy but with a little perseverance and a… Continue Reading »

The Noose is Tightening

The Washington State Legislature has continued to tighten our DUI laws almost every legislative session for the past several years. Many people seem to have a hard time understanding why there have been such wide-sweeping changes to our DUI laws . One need look no further than the latest incident in Kent to understand why.… Continue Reading »