Monthly Archives: February 2015

Oh the Monetary Pain of it All

As our Washington law makers see it, if you get caught driving under the influence you are putting yourself, others and even property at risk, so the measly ticket itself is not the only price you should pay. In addition to jail time and a hefty fine, drivers who receive a DUI will be saddled… Continue Reading »

Domestic Violence is: FRONT AND CENTER

It is clear that domestic violence now-a-days is a real live wire, a real hot button. Some would even say we as a nation have seemingly moved beyond the need for a stereotypical victim; the need for bruising and blood, and a horrifying cry for help emblazoned on a 911 tape for all to hear.… Continue Reading »

Assessments Equal Public Records

Anytime someone is convicted of a DUI or a charge that is reduced from a DUI in Washington State they are put on probation with the court for a period that is ‘up to’ five years. Probationary conditions can consist of many things. For example, the court will order that the person commit no criminal… Continue Reading »

DUI's, Kids and CPS

Recently we at SQ Attorneys have had a few DUI cases involving child passengers.  As we all know by now, a DUI conviction in the State of Washington can … by itself … without any passengers (young or old) … have grave consequences.  Add a passenger or two and the consequences can, and will, go… Continue Reading »