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Post Bail or Stay in Jail!

Once you have been arrested and put in jail, there is probably just one thing going through your mind, which is to get out as soon as possible. Getting out of jail is accomplished by posting “bail” or being released on your own personal recognizance. Bail is generally cash or a piece of property that… Continue Reading »

MRJC – Assault 4 – DV

If you are arrested, and subsequently charged, by a WSP trooper in unincorporated King County for Assault 4 DV, your charges will be heard at the Kent MRJC (hereinafter, “MRJC”) domestic violence court. This is so even if the incident happened near Shoreline, West Seattle or even Redmond. All of the non-felony related DV cases… Continue Reading »

The Death Penalty in th United States

The United States Supreme Court has given each state the authority to determine whether the death penalty is appropriate or not. In June 2003 Governor George Ryan of Illinois stirred controversy when he commuted the death sentences of 167 inmates to life imprisonment. At the time, the death penalty existed in Illinois. Ryan said he… Continue Reading »

No Plea Deal … What’s Next?

Throughout these blogs we have discussed many imperative issues regarding the criminal process. We have explained each process of the criminal justice system; discussed a defendant’s right to a trial, and what transpires during the course of a trial. We have focused on plea deals that are negotiated and what happens at sentencing. The question… Continue Reading »

DV's and Subpoenas

In criminal cases witnesses, including alleged victims, often have questions about getting subpoenaed to testify. This is most true in domestic violence cases; often the alleged victim does not want to testify against the defendant for a variety of reasons. In criminal cases the government must prove their case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt; this standard… Continue Reading »

'Crime Free Housing' – Havoc for Those charged with DV

How is it possible that a domestic violence allegation can wreck absolute havoc in a person’s living situation? Sadly, it is more common than not. A simple call for police assistance so as to de-escalate a family squabble will likely land one of the involved parties in jail … and charged with a domestic violence… Continue Reading »

Scientific Evidence Explained

Evidence exists in many different forms. Many of which are introduced in trial and some that are not. Scientific and forensic types of evidence can be extremely helpful in proving a case, but there are rules and standards that these types of evidence must meet before they can be submitted during a trial. Scientific evidence… Continue Reading »

The Most Wanted List – NTSB Style

The National Transportation Safety Board’s 2016 Most Wanted List is out! The Most Wanted List represents the NTSB’s advocacy priorities, and is designed to ‘increase awareness of, and support for, the most critical changes needed to reduce transportation accidents and save lives’ around the United States. View the NTSB press conference here:  NTSB YouTube Channel. … Continue Reading »

Can Police Question Minors?

The right to remain silent is the most basic fundamental constitutional right a defendant has when being investigated for a crime. It is the first thing law enforcement will tell a defendant when taking them into custody, and it makes up one of the several rights – commonly known as “Miranda rights” – that people… Continue Reading »