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What? No Police Department?

One way to make a community unsafe is to excommunicate its police department, and that is exactly what a small town mayor did in Okanogan County in Eastern Washington. The mayor disbanded the entire Tonasket Police Department a few weeks back. It started with a complaint that the mayor was racist because he told an… Continue Reading »

A Teaching Moment Gone Awry

We can all agree that teaching your child ‘life lessons’ is important for their overall development. That said, there are limits, and on January 13, 2019, a 48 year old Kentucky mother certainly exceeded the bounds of reasonableness when she allegedly drove drunk with her son in the car as some sort of teaching moment.… Continue Reading »

Collateral Consequences

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On January 15, 2019 an article was written in the Seattle Times entitled, “New milestone in King County: Immigrant count tops 500,000”. The article noted that there was a population surge in the county and that foreign-born residents accounted for a whopping 49 percent of the growth since 2010. In like kind with this foreign-born… Continue Reading »

A Call with Consequences

A week after ringing in the New Year, a Seattle man was arrested and booked into jail after he admitted to stabbing his brother to death in a home in the Fremont area of North Seattle. The man called SPD saying he killed his sibling. Based on this call, the Seattle police descended onto the… Continue Reading »

Cop Cars with Slogans

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In the State of Michigan, a city Police Department (the City of Roseville) has come up with a novel and progressive idea for promoting domestic violence prevention/ awareness. Earlier this month the department unveiled the newest car to its fleet of police vehicles. The vehicle is unique because it has a decal on its side… Continue Reading »

Is Washington Far Behind?

As 2019 roles in, Utah is one of the first states to implement a stricter drunk driving law, lowering the legal limit to .05. Most all states, including Washington, are at a .08 for blood alcohol content. So that begs the question, is Washington state on the verge of lowering its blood alcohol level requirements?… Continue Reading »

Long Arm of the Law Redux

In related news to our post last week, yet another government legal representative finds themselves on the wrong side of the law. As one can see, it can happen to anyone. This time a county sheriff in Idaho was placed on administrative leave after he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI). The… Continue Reading »