SQ Attorneys AVVO Reviews
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Posted by Promit Roy

I contacted SQ Attorneys due to an unfortunate accident which could potentially harm my driving record. Greg was amazing guiding me through the procedures and eventually getting the case dismissed. Everything was done over the phone and he was very communicative throughout the process. I would definitely seek their help again if needed be.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Posted by S C

I thought I had no chance defending myself against the charges brought against me until I met Greg. He took great care and time going over the details of my case. He gave me realistic expectations and then fought hard for me for over 1 year. After the long battle Greg got the case dismissed and charges dropped. If you are shopping for an attorney save yourself time and effort just call Greg! I hope I never find myself needing an attorney again but if I do I know I’m in great hands with Greg. I really can’t understate how much confidence I had every day going through this difficult time and only because I had such a great attorney that never backed down from a challenge. The courts can be a scary place but once I hired Greg all my fears were gone and I was ready to fight for my reputation and freedom. Thank you Greg for all the hard work. So many court appearances and time spent working my case negotiating and eventually getting it all dismissed. Words can’t express my gratitude but I hope anyone reading this will see it and know that they will feel confidence in their legal representation with Greg.

Posted by Oscar Melgar

From the beginning, Greg Schwesinger was direct with me about the possible outcomes for my situation. His experience in this field was evident from the very first phone call in the way he explained how the process would work, what measures I should take before the court even filed the case, what his past experiences were with prosecutors, and most importantly, how to deal with the stress of not knowing what was going to happen in my situation. In my case, my sentencing was reduced by 2 tiers and walking through the process turned out just how he had explained it to me. It is a difficult thing to put your freedom in a stranger’s hands and hope that everything works out well. In my case, I’m glad I put my trust in Greg.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Posted by ashar jafri

Day or night they always pick up your call and always willing to help with the options you have. World class experience!!!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Posted by Rajan deol

I highly recommend Saad Qadri. Great and easy to work with, highly efficient and helpful. I will certainly continue to use his services.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Posted by Ash D

Best dui attorneys in the business

Posted by Cathy Marino

Saad has been instrumental in helping our family with moving violations and saving us $$ on auto insurance increases. Competent, thorough, timely and follows though on all cases. A true professional!!

Hire Greg Schwesinger – excellent, experienced, effective

Posted by anonymous

I highly recommend Greg Schwesinger. Greg is responsive, always is effective in his dealings with the prosecutors and judge based on his vast experience, has high integrity and always tells it like it is while also being empathetic and understanding of a very stressful situation.
Greg was responsible for getting my DV case dismissed with prejudice!

Greg is an extremely competent and caring lawyer

Posted by anonymous

Two years ago when the need arose to find a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, we did our research to try and find the best person to represent our son who was charged with two separate DUI’s and one drug possession charge. When we read all of the excellent reviews that were written praising Greg Schwesinger, it seemed like he was the one for us. And when we met him in person in his office on Meridian Ave., we immediately felt confident that he would represent our son to the best of his ability. We hired him that day and he has proved to be not only a top notch lawyer, but someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, and genuinely cares about the people he is representing. He is a fine lawyer and a fine person and we are so happy we hired him.
Our son’s cases were somewhat complicated, due to the fact that they were in two different counties, and because the COVID pandemic slowed things down, it was a two year process to get everything settled. Greg worked hard on our son’s behalf and the outcome was the best it could possibly have been. We highly recommend Greg Schwesinger to anyone in need of an intelligent, thorough, hard working, and caring lawyer.


Posted by anonymous

If you are reading this and searching for the best Lawyer to help you in your situation right now. Hired Greg and do not hesitate brother/sister YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! I got DV charges multiple! and never been in this stressful situation in my life i did not know what to do and how to resolve it. But hiring Greg is the best decission i made! I discuss my case in 3 different Lawyers and they were all the same. One guy told me he will drop the case right away, one lady wanted the contract signed right away! One guy told me that if i pay in full he will not charge me $4000 and he will give me a 10% discount cut it down to $3600. After contacting Greg you will feel that he is the one who will help you out! Not discussing the money! He make payment plans. Very professional and kind! He will assist you and will answer all your questions! After meeting him in his office I KNEW I WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE! It is not easy the process is there! He will help you believe me hired Greg! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Get it done

Posted by anonymous

Having to deal with an absurd DV charge is depressing. I am glad I hired Gregory. He helped me in hard time and got the charge behind me. During the whole period, Greg was quick in response and helpful. Thanks, Greg.

Life Saving

Posted by Jean

In my case, a vindictive ex-boyfriend promised to “ruin my life and destroy my career” when I broke up with him. He came very close by way of out-of-context voice recordings and a false domestic violence claim. I was blindsided by his attack, heart-broken and confused. I never thought someone I had loved could orchestrate something so malicious, and so destructive. I had never had an encounter with the law outside of a speeding ticket and was completely unprepared for handling this situation. I didn’t know what lawyer to choose or how to evaluate who was best for me. In the end, based on stellar avvo.com reviews and an excellent first impression, I chose Greg Schwesinger — and I don’t want to imagine how things could have gone had I chosen a different lawyer. For anyone fighting false DV charges, it is terrifying and I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good lawyer during this process. Greg is communicative, patient, thorough, and effective. Throughout my case, he was as quick to reply to the courts and prosecutors as to my questions and uncertainties. Because of Greg’s talent, experience, and work ethic, my case was dismissed with prejudice, quickly, and in time to prevent any long-term damage to my career or professional reputation. If you have been falsely charged with domestic violence, hire Greg. You need a good lawyer to fight for you and be there to see you through this ordeal. (Thank you, Greg. Hiring you was life saving.)

Posted by Daniel Kim

Shout out to my main man Saad. The man works wonders.

Excellent Attorney who really cares for his clients

Posted by anonymous

Greg is phenomenal. His experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system is excellent. He took over the DV case and guided it to a clean dismissal. Greg is compassionate and caring, a rare quality for an attorney. He responded to all queries promptly and to the point, and always made himself available when I wanted to discuss things (sometimes even in late evenings or weekends if urgent). He was always encouraging and optimistic in our conversation. I wish I had chosen him, to represent, from the very beginning of the case and saved both time and money. I will always be grateful to him and recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

If you want a top rated lawyer who will give you the best chance possible of beating charges against you Greg’s who you need!

Posted by Justin

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate and how pleased I was that I chose Greg to take my case. I’m not just writing this review just because. I honestly want to share my experience so others who have been wrongfully accused of a crime have the best chance they can get at beating there charges. Not only that but at the same have the best overall experience that you can get. The outcome of a case being most important part but the whole process takes time with the different court dates being months apart. From first day I contacted Greg and talked to him I just knew that I was making the right choice. I immediately felt calmer and confident that this guy is a winner. I knew that he would clear up this mess I was wrongfully accused of. I am the type of person who doesn’t just go buy the first car they see because they like how it looks. I research every detail and go over all the different features and compare all the different makes before buying. I of coarse did the same thing before choosing the top attorneys that I would contact to possibly hire. I felt avvo to be the most credible rating site after doing my research. I contacted 3 attorneys via avvo website and Greg was very quick and was first to respond. I told him my situation and that it was very crucial that I beat these charges. I also needed for him to show up to court with me a few hrs later that day being that I was not the one who got the mail the day summons arrived and was not aware of my court date til night before. Top that off with the fact that I was not prepared for the expense of paying for an attorney with less than a days notice. I told Greg that I could pay him by the end of day but I needed him to appear in court in just a few hr. I asked if he could find it in his heart to appear and take my word that he would get paid after. To my surprise he said he would do it. He took time out of his busy schedule to show up and help me on just my word and with very little notice. He made me feel at ease everytime we went into the court room . Always very calm and very knowledgeable and with a confidence that made me feel like he was a born winner and I had nothing to worry about. Which I think other than the outcome is huge factor because during the whole process you can’t help but worry about what the outcome is gonna be. With the amount of time between court dates that’s months of worrying. This can be overwhelming and take control of your life with the constant stress. Honestly Greg took all my stress away and I got enjoy life instead of being stressed the whole time and that makes a huge difference on one’s quality of life. I even missed a court date on accident when I had my dates wrong. Greg showed at court and got me new court date and no bench warrant was issued and was like it never hapened which was a huge lifesaver. To wrap this all up as you already might of guess my case was dismissed without prejudice based on a few things that Greg found that I would have never thought of but we’re brilliant and got the charges dropped. I wrote this to give ppl a very honest and thorough opinion of my experience so that others can use my review to the best decision when trying to choose the best attorney out of all the choices out there. Once again I can’t thank you enough . You are a stand up guy and I thank you for your help.

Professional, knowledgeable and respectful

Posted by anonymous

With Greg’s help, my DUI case got to be closed recently. It was amended to Negligent Driving 2nd Degree. That’s what we expected, and he made it finally. He truly helped me out from the mess.
Greg is a very professional, very knowledgeable and very respectful DUI attorney. He fought for me with all his enthusiasm and wisdom. During the long court waiting periods, he could always help me calm down to have the normal life. Thank you so much, Greg!!


Posted by Chris

I’d like to start this review by stating I have never had so much as a blemish on my record. I have lived an exemplary life, personally and professionally. What I can guess is if you’re on this page looking for a criminal defense attorney, then life has thrown you an unexpected curveball – and that is exactly what happened to me in January of 2017.
I found myself in a situation from which all control had been taken from me. I was powerless to stop a set of events that had spun into motion, and this was a situation that I had never been in before.
I felt anxious, scared, and alone. I felt like I had zero knowledge of the law, what was happening to me and around me, and I also had a feeling of “frenzy,” and what I mean by that specifically was my future was “up in the air” with no certainty as to what was going to happen down the road.
I was searching AVVO for an attorney and that in and of itself was daunting. You can’t trust the internet, ever. I was lucky to find Greg – it was more than luck. He actually was IN the courtroom when I was being arraigned so when I reached to him online he responded immediately. He knew my case, clearly, because he saw it first hand. Call it coincidence, call it luck, call it whatever you want.
Here is what I was looking for in my attorney:
Fair Rates
Let’s start with understanding. I can say quite sincerely that I was in a situation that spiraled out of control through no fault or little fault of my own. Greg did not look at me like a bad human being or a bad person. He understood EXACTLY what had happened to me and what I was going through at the time. It was mortifying to walk in and have to explain what happened, why it happened, and that I didn’t know the gravity or severity of the situation I was in. He put me at ease from the get-go.
I remember him listening as a coach or teacher or parent would – and I didn’t feel like I was a bad person. He understood that I was in a way, a victim of the events that surrounded me and that was extremely helpful. When you are in a bad situation, being able to have an attorney who believes in you is a great start.
Then he mapped out in excruciating detail what was going to happen, what could happen, what we could do, and all the variables. He took the “uncontrollable” and made it “known.” He took the powerlessness that came with this scenario and gave power back to me through knowledge and a very specific plan of attack considering all the variables.
His rates were awesome. He is responsive and ridiculously fast when you email, text, or call him. This is CRITICAL when you are on the wrong side of a criminal legal battle. Knowing that someone is on your side and is going to respond to you when you need to talk or have a question (in my opinion) is one of the most important aspects of a good attorney (I’ve been divorced so trust me when I tell you that I know the opposite).
Finally, he gets results. Not only were the charges dropped but I got exactly what I wanted in terms of our “action plan.” Here is the best part. My relationship ended with Greg in February of 2017, or so I thought. The criminal aspects of the case lingered and manifested in different ways throughout 2017 and 2018.
Greg answered every email. Every text. Every phone call. Even on Sunday. 17 months after I paid him, it was as if he was still “working for me.”
I give Greg the strongest recommendation possible for a criminal defense attorney. If you are looking, stop here. Trust in this review and in Greg. I owe him so much and I have to give him the credit that he deserves. He went above and beyond in every way possible and he actually deserves twice what his rate was for me. For the record, I got (according to Greg) the worst possible prosecutor in the county.
It didn’t matter. I had Greg Schwesinger on my side.

Best out there

Posted by anonymous

I hired Greg for my DV case and the Greg had the case dismissed with prejudice. From our first meeting itself Greg was very clear about the case and very open to me about all the possible scenarios. He always responded timely to all my queries. Greg has vast experience of practising around Seattle area courts and so that is helpful for building the case having worked with prosecutors of the area. Greg has my highest recommendation.

He became a friend!

Posted by anonymous

During my legal issues, Saad was extremely supportive and compassionate while maintaining professionalism! Knowledgeable and encouraging while never letting me lose hope! He was always available and communicated all pertinent items with me. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Astonishing outcome!

Posted by Client

Mr. Greg represented me in DV case and got it dismissed with prejudice. Thank you Greg Sir!
Mr. Greg is very knowledgeable, hardworking and a great lawyer. He continuously assisted me throughout the process and he was always on time for all court appearances. He is incredibly responsive and used to reply very quickly for all my questions. Overall, his guidance to me and the resolution on this legal matter is astonishing!
I would highly recommend Mr. Greg to anyone who is in need for legal help.

Highest praise for Greg Schwesinger

Posted by Virginia

Greg is great! When our son was recently involved in a road rage incident, we didn’t know where to begin finding a lawyer. We did a quick internet search and chose SQ Attorneys simply because of their location. That turned out to be a lifesaver.
Greg’s office responded immediately to our call, and he was able to meet with us that same day. Although he is clearly a busy man, he spent a full hour with us explaining the legal process and helping us understand what to expect. He was appropriately sympathetic with our family, patient with our naïve questions, and he put us all at ease. We left his office that day with reassurance that we were in good hands.
Over the next few months, he helped us understand what to expect at each step of the way. He listened to our concerns, and we always felt he was fully in our corner. He discussed various legal strategies with us and explained pros and cons of the options, so we felt that every decision in the process was very well thought out. He is very well organized; he always contacted us ahead of court dates, and we never needed to remind him of anything. He remembered every detail of the case and weighed out carefully how each detail might impact the next step. He was able to bring us to a good outcome, and we are very grateful. His calm competence and his warm, friendly nature helped us weather a difficult time. We highly recommend his services to anyone facing legal problems.

Saad is the lawyer to hire.

Posted by Lisa

Saad provided the absolute best defense and support for our son. He was compassionate, knowledgeable, worked quickly, responded immediately to us at all times, and was extremely professional. The outcome was better than we had hoped for and we will always be very thankful. Additionally, Saad went out of his way to get to know us and he answered literally hundreds of questions thoughtfully and with great detail. He is well-connected in the community and very familiar with what needs to happen to settle and negotiate cases. I cannot say enough about Saad Qadri. We had never had a situation like this before and would have been lost without his guidance.

Absolutely had my back

Posted by Peter

I got a hold of Saad last minute after finding out the day before that I had court in the morning for a Seattle DUI. He was extremely knowledgeable and attentive. He walked me through everything that could happen and advised me to get an important letter from my doctor that would really help me in court. He instantly gained my trust. I am a criminal defense paralegal by trade and I can tell Saad would have my back and present a strong defense. I absolutely recommend you look into hiring him.

Greg is the man

Posted by Ahmed

Greg amazed me with the way he handled my court cases, after he accepted my case, he kept me informed at all times, today he called and said “I got your case dismissed, enjoy your weekend!”,
this is my third case with him and he got it dismissed just the other 2 which makes it 3 for 3 so far, one of these cases if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of had my citizenship by now.
Greg is not only a great lawyer, he is also VERY friendly and very warm guy, I will definitely continue to hire him for future court cases if any.
Thank you Greg!

Clever, Compassionate, Simply outstanding

Posted by anonymous

I was arrested for a DV charge that I didn’t commit, and also had the Sheriff completely lie in the police report. Originally another attorney was handling my case. I dropped her after finding Greg here on Avvo. It was the best decision I could have made. The previous attorney did not address my concerns, didn’t communicate what was going on, etc… Greg was the complete opposite. Even during my first phone call to Greg, he took almost an hour to talk to me, explaining everything in great detail, hearing my side, everything that my previous attorney did not do.
Greg is extremely smart and operated with full command of the law. The criminal court system is completely out of balance and unfair, especially if you are a male being accused of assault. Greg was not only able to have my charge amended to something that wasn’t assault, but got it deferred for a year in which it will fall off my record. Had I not had any prior record, I am confident that Greg could have easily gotten this bogus charge dismissed for me, but since he couldn’t because of the state laws, he did the next best thing.
Greg has a lot of knowledge and rapport with the prosecutors and judges at multiple court houses. You want an attorney that knows what kind of prosecutor and judge they are up against, otherwise it’s like swinging blind and hoping to get a good hit. Just based on knowing this alone, I wouldn’t pick anyone else.
I was treated with the utmost compassion, respect, and understanding while I dealt with this situation. Many times Greg and I had conversations about other things aside from the legal issues. He really is a down to earth, nice guy, with your best interest in mind. Can’t tell you how many other attorneys are just there to collect a check, and not bother to talk to their client. This was not Greg at all. I knew everything going on at all times, communication was excellent, easy, and didn’t get ignored for 2 weeks like other typical attorneys.
If you get into any kind of criminal trouble, I cannot recommend Greg enough, plain and simple. Class act all the way. Former military and a real gentlemen. Don’t hurt yourself by using a public defender. You want Greg on your side instead.

Get this guy!

Posted by Jerry

Had an DV issue and hired Greg. He talked me through the process. He always seemed to call when I had a question in mind. His follow up was awesome. He is very professional and compassionate.

Criminal Case

Posted by Mike

I was falsely accussed of committing a crime after a night out at a restaurant with a group of people. Though i knew i was innocent i still made sure i hired a strong lawyer just to play it safe. Court system can be very confusing, stressful & unpredictable. Greg read my case and instantly knew the allegations were extremely suspicious and no evidence of a crime being committed. He is well respected with his peers and more importantly has a very confident demeanor. I would refer him to my friends & family. Prosecutors dropped my case.

And The Verdict Is……Hire Greg Schwesinger!

Posted by anonymous

When the Judge suggests that you thank your attorney because he did a fantastic job, you know you have a good attorney. I had no idea with to expect or what to do when I received a DUI. I was told to hire an attorney. I picked Greg because of his location, but then when I met him, I knew I was in good hands. He was calm and reassuring, which in turn, kept me focused. The final outcome was more than I could have hoped for! Greg knows his stuff and he is compassionate and caring. But most of all, he was patient; he answered his calls and responded to every email and question immediately and was never condescending. He was never too busy to answer, help or just listen. I will definitely recommend Greg to my friends, family and co-workers if they ever find themselves in a bind. I can never thank him enough. gr

Professional, Knowledgeable, Aggressive, gets the job done. Excellent Lawyer

Posted by anonymous

I was arrested for DUI back in July and after spending 12 terrifying hours in lockup, I started calling lawyers the next day. Greg was very prompt in responding and spent about 2 hours on a Saturday calming me down, walking me through various possible scenarios. I met with him once and that was enough to convince me to hire him.
He did not falsely sugar-coat anything and talked to me with straight facts, no BS. He was in constant touch with me through the months my case was pending and was always available to talk at any time. His great experience came in handy as he directed me to various steps I needed to complete before the pre-trial hearings.
Even though my case was a slam dunk and I was out of all hope of even getting the charge reduced. But Greg was able to pull a rabbit out of the hat for me and got my charge reduced to reckless driving. He helped me make better the worst decision I have made so far.
Throughout the case I was assured by the way that the prosecutor and the judge greeted him. It spoke towards his experience dealing with cases and I could see the respect he got in the courtroom. At the end of my sentencing for the Reckless Driving plea, the judge mentioned how diligently/vigorously Greg follows up for his clients and that I should thank him for the reducing of the charge. I must say, I agree wholeheartedly.
One last thing, I talked to many firms but always had the fear that I would talk to a senior lawyer once and then my case would be handed off and ignored. This is not the case with Greg. He was fully dedicated to my case.
I would recommend him to be THE go to guy. He will take care of your issues.

Couldn’t be happier…

Posted by Kaiulani

Saad went above and beyond the call of duty several times. The nicest lawyer we’ve ever met, Saad always answered our questions very professionally, in a timely fashion, and with the utmost courtesy. He always honored his commitments. His knowledge and experience and contacts from being a public defender within the system was invaluable. He is very empathetic and compassionate as well.

Very Professional, Got the job done

Posted by Lyle

I hired Greg after a DUI charge in FEB 2016. One of the reasons that caught my attention was he is a Veteran like myself and also because of this websites reviews. Greg was always and I mean always there to answer questions when you have them. He is very knowledgeable and communicates clearly and effectively with not only his clients but also with those on the other side. In OCT 2016 a week before trial, Greg was able to secure a very good plea bargain and it saved my career and family. Thank you again sir

Excellent Lawyer, worth every penny.

Posted by Silas

I recently hired Greg to take over my DV case after my first lawyer delayed my case without asking me and contually failed to communicate in a timely manner. Greg could not be more different than my first lawyer, he is always on time and comunicates everything right away. Greg accurately predicted what the prosecution would do and was ready to successfully counter them everytime. Through Greg’s hard work and diligence he was able to get my case dismissed which was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. Hiring Greg was the right choice and I can honestly say he was worth every penny and in fact it was the best money I have ever spent in my entire life. If you are considering hiring Greg I encourage you to stop considering and hire him right away.

Look no further than Greg to help you through your legal issue

Posted by anonymous

I contacted Greg over a year ago now to help me out with a Domestic Violence charge that could have ruined everything if I had been convicted. I reached out to Greg via email initially, and within an hour he was already calling me. I instantly felt comfortable with Greg, as he was very reassuring, and gave me great instruction on how to protect myself over the course of the process. As it turned out, my case ended up being more complicated, but Greg stayed with me every step of the way. The biggest lesson I learnt through the court process from Greg was to remain patient. I like that he is a no frills attorney, he is direct and does not sugar coat anything. This helped to keep me motivated because I never had any false assumptions going into the process. In the end, Greg was able to get my case dismissed which was the best outcome I could have achieved. Do not look any further than Greg if you want an honest attorney who will always treat you with respect through the process.

DUI charge dismissed

Posted by anonymous

I consider myself lucky I found Greg. His mastery of the legal system ultimately led to the dismissal of the DUI charge. He is capable of explaining the legal system in simple, direct terms and understands the trauma that such an experience can create. I strongly recommend his services.

Hands down one of the best lawyers in Seattle WA for criminal cases

Posted by anonymous

I am currently working with Saad on a shoplifting case with a grocery store where I was wrongly accused of doing something I did not. I still remember the first day I called him sobbing, to narrate my story. He understood what an emotional trauma I have been through and took a lot of time to answer my questions over the phone. I also consulted few other lawyers who weren’t very responsive. Saad even took additional time apart from the phone call to answer my questions in a more elaborate manner via e-mail. My instincts told me that he would do a great job with handling my case and he has succeeded in exceeding my expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable, realistic, reassuring, warm and friendly and more importantly very responsive. Whenever I feel concerned about the status or the possible outcome of my case, I text him and he responds to me within 5-10 mins. any hour of the day and answers every single question of mine without fail. Every single time we meet, he greets me with a warm smile and converses in a professional, yet reassuring manner that gives me the confidence that my case will end well. I entrusted the responsibility of getting my case dismissed to him and he has been doing a terrific job till date and I have huge confidence in that his effort, negotiation skills and handwork will certainly yield the desired outcome for us. Not to forget mentioning, the amount he charges is affordable and not as expensive as many other lawyers who do half-ass job with criminal cases.

Excellent lawyer!

Posted by Eb

Best lawyer out there! Excellent communicater answered all my questions via text phone call and email. My dui case was clear everything was there, guilty as charge I have no hope until I hired Greg, he worked it out and get it reduced to reckless, he will tell you as it’s no sugar coating and he is the best at what he does. I will recommend him especially if you think you have been accused unfairly. Even if you have not he is the best deal out there, I will suggest you give him a call.

Excellent lawyer, look no further

Posted by anonymous

I never imagined I would get a DUI, but when I did the first thing I knew was that I needed a great lawyer. I spoke to several, and after consulting with Greg I really felt more at ease about the situation. He took the time to explain the court process and answered all my questions, when I felt like some of the other lawyers skipped over information or didn’t want to take the time to help me understand anything. I knew he was the right choice and I had an excellent outcome. He got my DUI reduced to a reckless driving charge, which far exceeded what I had expected to be possible given the details of my case. Greg is a great lawyer! You won’t be disappointed if you choose him to handle your case.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by Mark

Greg represented me during a domestic violence case that lasted 8 months. He was able to get the case dismissed, work with me and explain the process and what to expect. He also made sure that my daughter understood everything and helped us to get the outcome that we both wanted and deserved. The court system that he was working with was difficult at times, and he was able to work with them and get the case dismissed and my record cleared. I am very happy with how he handled the case and would highly recommend him if you need a lawyer.

A expert a gentlemen and a scholar

Posted by AK

From giving the call a couple days after being released from jail after my initial arrest for DUI I called Saad. From the phone call I knew I was going to be ok. I was referred to Saad by my own cousin who knew good things about him as well. He reassured me that it happens and that he will take care of me and I quickly setup monthly payments. He made me feel better in such nerve-racking time. He will take your anxiety of handling the court and your case and make it simple while you do you. In my case and circumstances without going into great detail; Saad made what I hoped for possible. A understanding from the court from the various programs and fines that I learned not to make this mistake again of drinking and driving. All in all I my initial arrest for DUI had been moved to a reckless ticket and a fair fine compared to what could have been. All in all Thank you Saad and Bless you for helping me in trying times.


Posted by Elcid ‘mojo’Giron

I am embarrassed that I had not stood up before hand to speak well and from my heart of Major Greg Schwesinger,USMC (retired). He is the gladiator you want in the fight, in the struggle representing your interest, your family name. I had erred badly ,morally ,in judgment, and I was in trouble. I interviewed several “high profile” according to the internet search engines, attorneys. The so called top attorneys in the state, and I was not settled. I needed an advocate ,a fighter, a hero. Along comes Greg, very unassuming, humble but confident.After our conversation, I had my dog in the fight. A MARINE! The few , the proud,
Thank you Major . As I said .. Stud!

Case Dismissed

Posted by Sam Wong

Greg is THE BEST lawyer we can hire for a domestic violence case. If you seeking the best legal service to get your case dismissed, Greg should be on top of the short list of the lawyers you ought to contact. With his 30+ years of experiences, deep connection with the legal community in Seattle area, and excellent legal strategy planned out according to the situation we were facing, the case against my wife was dismissed – the best outcome anyone could hope for.

Happy Client

Posted by anonymous

Greg is an amazing attorney and was able to get all 3 charges off my record. I knew I could count on him from the moment I retained him as my attorney. He was quick to answer any questions I had and was very reliable. My case lasted over a year and he was always keeping in contact with me the whole time. I would highly recommend him if you need a criminal defense attorney.


Posted by Jonathan

Greg is an excellent attorney, he explained the prosses in a detail and easy way to understand, he answer any question that I had and helped me get my DUI reduce to reckless driving

Glad I found Greg

Posted by anonymous

I am so glad that I found Greg right here on AVVO. I had never had an attorney before, and didn’t really know how to find one, but I knew that I needed help after getting my first DUI charge. Greg was very helpful in explaining the legal process to me, always responsive to my questions (email, phone, text), and most importantly – I always knew that he was on my side. I followed all of his recommendations throughout the process, and he helped me to get my DUI charge reduced to a Reckless Driving charge. I sure as hell hope that I never get another DUI, but if I do – I know who I will call.

Professional and reliable attorney.

Posted by anonymous

From the moment I met Gregory I knew I wanted him to represent me as my legal counsel. He was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also very supportive and attentive. To be honest, this was probably the darkest moment of my life…Gregory was there for me every step of the way and kept me grounded during the whole process. He was quick to respond to any questions I had and always kept me informed on what was going on.
I wont go into detail about my situation, but I will say that during the legal process I felt I had absolutely no rights or a voice of my own. I was kinda swept away and dismissed by the legal system. It was through family and Gregory that I felt I was an actual human being with actual rights, which made the world of difference. I highly recommend that if you are in need of a competent and experienced attorney, Gregory is the one to call!

Got my DV case dismissed

Posted by MK

I availed of Greg’s services for a Domestic Violence case against me. My wife and I got into an argument and a stranger convinced her to call 911 because she thought she had felt threatened by me. She naively believed that the police would just come to calm us down. They instead handcuffed me and took me to King County Jail. My wife and I are highly educated foreign born nationals and completely unaware of the US legal system before this.
Greg is professional and street-smart, exactly what you want in a attorney. I interviewed a few other attorneys, and Greg was the savviest of all of them. Greg knows the ins and outs of the system, which helps a lot. There are quite a few intricacies and subtleties in a DV case, and Greg is quite knowledgeable about it. I was very worried about my case and contacted Greg often, but he handled it well. Thanks to his advice and expert handling of my case, it was dismissed – the best outcome I could hope for.
Now that I understand how the US criminal system works, I wouldn’t ever want to go to court without legal representation.

Went above and beyond.

Posted by anonymous

I could not ask for more in an attorney. In the hardest time of my life I found great comfort in knowing Greg was there. Greg could answer any question I asked of him, and I had many. In addition, Greg talked me through a very hard and depressing time of my life, as a therapist would do. Greg was always available. Even when busy with other matters, Greg would make time for me, or at least always get back to me shortly with a message telling me that he was in court and when he was next free that day. He spoke with me after hours, on weekends. Very professional, intelligent, and well versed in his field. Greg went above and beyond! I would highly recommend Greg’s services. Thank You Greg!

Excellent criminal defense lawyer!

Posted by Vams

I was charged with a DV-assault4 during an argument with my wife, quickly things went out of our control when neighbors called the cops. I was searching for a lawyer and consulted Saad for help. Saad patiently explained all the legal terminology and suggested few strategies which could potentially lead to the dismissal. I have later decided to hire Saad. During the case Saad was demonstrated extreme dedication towards the case and worked tirelessly defending the prosecutors. The process involved multiple continuances over several months. He patiently answered all my questions and always positive during the case. In the end the case was dismissed by the prosecutor exactly like he predicted. I would also like to remark his excellent experience dealing with the local prosecutors. It was clear Saad had a great insight into how the local prosecutors typically deal with such cases. I think this really helped my case. Finally I think it is very rare to find such a honest, dedicated and experienced criminal lawyer. I would recommend Saad very strongly without any reservations.

The smartest decision I have ever made was hiring Greg to fix the worst decision I had ever made

Posted by Jody

I never thought it would happen to me, as a responsible driver and someone who has never broken the law in their whole life I never thought I would be on the arrest-end of a DUI. After spending a horrifying and scary mandatory night in county prison (after blowing a .133) and realizing the future consequences of my actions, I knew that I had to act quickly and hire the best possible legal representation. After interviewing and pricing out two other well-known and highly rated law firms, I then chose 1 more to interview, and the AVVO reviews led me to Greg Schwesinger of SQ Attorneys.
The difference in service was immediate from the very first phone consultation. I’ll have to admit that I was still feeling very nervous and ashamed when we had that first conversation – thinking that my life would be over and that my reputation would be marred forever. But one evening after submitting an online form on his website he contacted me WITHIN THE HOUR. Greg took the initial time to hear me out, learn about my situation, and gave me every opportunity to ask any questions before hiring him. He even invited me to bring along my significant other to our first meeting in case she also had any questions too.
Upon taking my case, Greg immediately got to work and instructed me on how to go about all the necessary actions that I would need to take regarding the license suspension, DUI victims panel, psychological testing for addiction, ignition interlock device, reinstating the license…everything (there’s more, trust me)! After my arrest, all of these things seemed so daunting, but Greg was there 100% of the way, ushering me along and making sure that I took care of ALL the things that I had control over. The DUI arrest made me feel powerless, ashamed, and badly depressed, but Greg’s support, enthusiasm and direction definitely helped detour those feelings. His ability to advise me on how to manage my time (in regards to my case) was imperative to getting the results that I wanted throughout the entire process.
Greg was very upfront and timely with all the matters of my case. He was available 24/7 throughout the entire process whether it was via phone call, text, or email. If at any time I had a question or was confused about something from court or from the DOL he would immediately find a way to answer my question. Greg is incredibly knowledgeable and made it very clear about the status of the courts and other cases like mine. He did a fine job clarifying to me where we stood in relation to other similar cases as well as what our reasonable expectations should be for a resolution. Before and after each painfully long court session he was very diligent about updating me on the current status of my case as well as what to do next.
You can tell immediately when stepping into the courtroom that Greg is a well-respected and well-known attorney. He handles himself with the utmost professionalism and was deft in executing our game plan. He is also a good person and always seems to know exactly what to say, even when I was feeling incredibly nervous before a court proceeding, he would always make sure that we’d have a good talk, and that would definitely calm me down.
Greg knows his stuff, he thoroughly investigated every minute detail and knew the intricacies of working with each individual judge and prosecutor. And he gets results. One of the hardest things to learn when you go to court for a DUI arrest is that the court system TAKES FOREVER. My advice for you is to hire Greg, tell him everything, be honest with yourself, follow his advice, and be patient. Greg managed to work out a deal on my case (after nearly 2 years of back and forth in the court system), and I got to finally walk away and start anew – Greg got my jail-mandatory and permanent black-mark DUI arrest lowered to a Reckless Driving charge, and more importantly it’s a charge that will be dismissed after 2 years of safe driving.

Chuan wen

Posted by Chuan wen

He’s a really great attorney I have never had before. If I could, I really want to give him 6 stars. He helps me few cases and he has done great job for all !!

Case Dismissed.

Posted by Erik

Period. I found Greg as a top search result and read the reviews. My decision to hire him was the right one. My case was dismissed. Greg always kept me in the loop, proposed a plan of action, and took the lead to defend me against unfounded criminal allegations.

Criminal defense client of Greg.

Posted by anonymous

Greg took my case with a positive attitude and with all our conversations he explained the process, facts and plan. Greg has a large amount of knowledge of the court system and the judges and procecuters. The outcome was what Greg was after and I was very pleased.

Saved my life!!!

Posted by Joon

Greg took my domestic violence case on a short notice and guided me through the complicated legal system with ease. He gave me the reassurance I needed through the precarious legal procedures and I received a very favorable outcome. Thanks again Greg!!!

"Right choice" I wish I could give him more than 5 stars

Posted by anonymous

Greg Schwesinger is excellent attorney without him, I would be end up in bad situation, I got domestic violence which was accusation after I have been talked and met so many attorney, and I couldn’t satisfy them, luckily I got Greg which is so honest, humble and very professional when he is talking to you then I decided to hire him, and I am so glad that I made right choice. Entire my case, He’s very communicate and share me any outcome whole the process and not good communication, but he makes me so comfortable because of I was so crazy to ask him too many questions and also he’s so aggressive when he is in court and he’s trying to get in every angle that he can. Finally I got my case dismissed. I really recommend without hesitation whoever wants to good outcome. I will refer anyone that I know who needs attorney. Thank you so much Greg, you really are best attorney and you save my life in terrible.

Knowledgable, Professional, Highly recommended..

Posted by Raaz

I highly recommend Mr.Saad. He was very helpful explaining my case and walking me through the whole agenda. He is really professional and he’ll make you feel your the most important client he has. Always on point and communicates well via phone and email. Domestic Violence was a stressful emotional time for me. My situation in my case had so many implications that could have affected my career after the DV in so many negative ways. I’m new to USA at that time. I even don’t know anyone apart from my work place. He helped me to get rid of all these stuffs and saved my job. When I thought the worst was going to happen in my DV battle. Saad assuring me that everything was fine, and followed up by making sure it was indeed just that. whenever I had fear, or was ignorant in a matter, Saad had the Knowledge and answers for all of it. His confidence shines and his performance is superb. he is extremely intelligent, sharp, and on top of his case.I would happily recommend Mr. Saad Qamer Qadri as an attorney to all who is suffered in DV.

Absolutely the Best

Posted by anonymous

Saad helped me through what was probably the most stressful time in my life. I’ve worked with attorneys before and I have never had one who contacted me within minutes of asking a question. He understands the unique aspects of each court , the people involved and is honest about everything. Even though I was doubtful, he kept telling me to trust him and guess what? Everything went exactly how he predicted the charges were dismissed. If you are in need of an attorney who is really looking out for your best interest, I recommend Saad Qadri.

The Best Man For The Job

Posted by Warren

Greg helped me navigate through a very long and emotional domestic dispute. I know that without his council, I would not have had the optimal outcome that was reached. Greg’s knowledge of Law and his overall professionalism was invaluable during one of the most difficult ordeals I’ve ever been a part of. I

The best

Posted by anonymous

After much research, I chose Greg and I’m so glad that I did. Greg is someone I instantly trusted and I knew he would do anything he could to help us resolve the situation we were in. He is so invested in his cases and he kept in constant communication with us throughout the whole process, he would explain things until I understood them and with extreme patience. He took a horrible, complicated situation and completely turned it around. The case was dismissed and we have our lives back. I can’t recommend Greg and his amazing team enough.

Brought closure to a miserable period of time

Posted by anonymous

I hired Greg 4 months ago when I received a criminal summons in the mail for an issue I thought had been resolved. Greg was very consistent and worked to fight on my behalf despite the fact that the City chose to press charges on an issue that I thought had been resolved. I am fairly well-educated and have understand the duties of the City when it comes to prosecuting crime and protecting our public, but I was still shocked given what I was told when the incident occurred. When I got that postal, I saw my life falling apart. My career? My PhD? My standing in society and my community? I questioned if all of this was going to be shattered. A few days later, I found Greg and consulted him. He immediately contacted me despite it being Thanksgiving and offered me honest, straight-forward advice on how the case could proceed. Within hours of hiring him, he had prepared and emailed me preliminary paperwork which made it so I did not need to appear for arraignment. What a blessing! I was already embarrassed enough to be going through this. The thought of future hearings alone made me feel ill! The case took 4 months to come to an agreement with the City. It took 3 appearances (due to the prosecution offering me a deal during the first PTH that I clearly was not eligible for). Despite this, Greg remained professional and supportive. I’ll fully admit I pretty much was breaking down every single day without letting Greg know how much this was impacting my life, but when I did mention the intense anxiety this was causing me he was extremely supportive and encouraged me to contact him IMMEDIATELY for support. Whenever we spoke, he would provide not only legal support but also emotional support. It takes a lot for me to hand over control of my life to another person, but it was very wise for me to do so with Greg. In the end, he was able to secure me a very favorable deal that would allow me to rest easy and continue on with my wonderful life. Greg … thank you. So much. There’s a reason you don’t have a single blemish on your client reviews. TS

5 Stars isn’t enough!!!

Posted by Ruben

Not only is the man a fellow military veteran, he’s an excellent attorney that was always there when I needed him and despite the length of my court case (2+ years) he never gave up and stuck by my side until we won the case….couldn’t be happier with his level of knowledge and professionalism. Hit & Run

Saad Qadri DUI Attorney Par Excellence

Posted by Cindy

There are two things I look for when receiving a product or service 1. Excellent customer service 2. Passion regarding the service being offered I recently needed an attorney for a DUI. I was new to Washington and had never been arrested before. I closed my eyes and put my finger on a name of a man who ended up having both of my requirements and so much more. Saad is experienced, intelligent, knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He is caring, patient, polite, generous, approachable, straightforward, accessible, hardworking, warmhearted, honest, thorough and most of all passionate about his job And the people he represents. I always had constant communication with Saad during the 14 months prior to receiving my sentence. At my last court hearing he said to me that he would always be here to help me. He has lived up to his word. Saad’s integrity and professionalism speak loudly about who he is. Thank you Saad from the bottom of my heart for all you have done in regards to my DUI and for truly saving my life!


Posted by anonymous

My first DUI with refusal to tests. Things were looking bad. But he took my charges way down! Very helpful and professional lawyer.

Amazing attorney!

Posted by Cody

I really felt obligated to write a review for my attorney Saad. Great defense and knows how to move around the courtroom with strong confidence. I got a DUI, but Saad made a better outcome than I could have imagined. He even got another case dropped completely. I cant explain how much I appreciate have him in my corner. I didn’t have much worry through the whole case. I HIGHLY recommend!! Thank you Saad

True professional

Posted by anonymous

Greg is an excellent attorney with tons of experience. He knows exactly how to get the best outcome possible and will explain everything in details. He is also very responsive and working with him was a great pleasure and privilege.

DUI – non-WA state resident

Posted by anonymous

Greg is a fantastic lawyer. He kept me grounded through the whole process of the DUI. He gave very honest outcome chances, while providing sound legal advice. Being a special case, non-Washington state resident, Greg had his hands full. He made sure that my trips to WA were kept to a minimum and always made me aware of happenings at court dates. We ultimately had the charge reduced from a DUI with BAC over .15 to a reckless driving. This is an extremely rare result in the current culture, but Greg’s standing relationships with the prosecution put it in our sights. I highly recommend Greg for any cases of this nature.

An attorney in the courtroom is worth two in a bush…or something like that.

Posted by Luis

I can’t even express how grateful I am to have had Greg Schwesinger, Saad Qadri and SQ Attorneys on my side during one of the most life changing years of my 24 years of living. They made it simple enough to where I can actually speak to them as real friends, while upholding their professionalism in all aspects of their service. I hope I’m never in a bind where I will need another attorney, but if that day ever comes, you’d better believe that I would call on Greg Schwesinger to represent me, time and time again. My deepest thanks to him and his associates for helping me out when I needed them most! During this holiday season, please don’t drink and drive. If you do and find yourself in an unfortunate situation, don’t hesitate to call on Greg Schwesinger and SQ Attorneys. Happy holidays!

Case dismissed…

Posted by anonymous

Hired Greg for his high ranking. Things that I valued the most as his client: assertiveness, understanding of the process, taking the time to explain things, and no BS straight to the point. Case was dismissed. I sincerely feel no regrets for the fee I paid.

Great Attourney!

Posted by Ashley

Greg is an amazing lawyer who strives for great results! Very professional and gets right to the point with your case. He was a pleasure to work with and very reliable. Don’t plan on needing him in the future, but would definitely call again for help. Thanks again!!

The first and only Lawyer I will call in Seattle

Posted by Lawrence

Greg is awesome to work with! I have had him represent me twice in court and the outcome on both cases was the best possible option. It would have not been that way without him. He informs you throughout the whole process and does not beat around the bush and fluff things.Tells it to you straight which is how it should be in this field. He know’s his stuff. I highly recommend Greg!!! You will not regret.

Saved my driving priveledge!

Posted by Austin

I originally hired Greg to represent me for a DUI. He was able to get the DUI reduced to a reckless and I only lost my license for a year(which is the mandatory/minimum). While my license was revoked, I was cited for driving while license suspended in the 2nd degree. 2 months later, I was cited for ANOTHER driving while suspended. I immediately hired Greg to represent me for both cases. Through his effective negotiations with prosecutors, I was able to keep my license instead and END the snowball effect once and for all! Greg is an outstanding attorney and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal council.

Amazing lawyer!

Posted by Sean

Had a pretty rediculous assault/dv charge against me a few months ago and Greg not only made me comfortable the whole time he got the whole case DISMISSED!! He was very supportive through the whole thing and showed a professionalism that made me feel like everything was going to be ok. Strongly recommend Greg for any issue you may have in the future!

Thank you Mr. Saad

Posted by Ahmed

I finally found a place that gives me the opportunity to thank Mr. Saad for all his excellence, hard and upstanding work that he provided me with during my hard time. I had a D.V. case on the beginning of this year, I hired Mr. Saad to help me get rid of my case; he provided me with his great legal service that no other attorney could do. Here are a few amazing shinny points about him: 1- Reasonable price. 2- Answer my calls, text msgs and concerns all day long. 3- He DISMISSED my case and returned all my legal rights back to me within 4 months only from the date the case was opened. 4- He still provides me with his highly valued advises whenever I need it, for no coast even though my case has been dismissed 5 months ago. I really cannot appreciate, and or recommend Mr. Saad highly enough, All I can say: he is the one you are looking for.

Mr. Qadri gave me my life back

Posted by John

I was arrested in a sting operation and contacted Saad for help. He was extremely empathetic and explained what I should be expecting. He was extremely responsive throughout his communications, and given the embarrassing nature of the misdemeanor, was very thoughtful about how and when to communicate. It was a long, drawn out process, working through many continuations – but he explained the rationale for doing that. And when there was not enough evidence for the prosecution, he argued persuasively with the prosecutor to get the case dismissed. I cannot recommend Saad highly enough.

You can’t go wrong

Posted by anonymous

Mr Qadri was very helpful, cooperative and professional in my case. Case was dismissed because of his hard work. He will put 100% in your case to win it for you.

Best possible outcome! Thanks Greg

Posted by Brian

Greg was awesome. I no longer live in WA but needed to resolve an outstanding DUI case there. I was contacted by Greg through Avvo after I had posted my situation looking for help. I decided to retain Greg as my attorney based on the overwhelming number of positive client reviews. Throughout the whole process, Greg was very quick to respond to my questions, even on weekends. I was always kept well informed and was given excellent advice. regarding preparation for my court appearance. In the courtroom, Greg was very professional and after presenting our case, even the judge was impressed. He commented to me that "Mr. Schwesinger has put you in a great position." We got the best outcome I could hope for. I was very happy with the result and with Greg. I would, and will, recommend him to anyone I know that finds themselves in a bad situation. My only regret is not hiring Greg earlier. Thanks again, Greg!

Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney with superb negotiation and interpersonal skills!

Posted by anonymous

We have hired Greg after reading reviews about his work on AVVO and were completely satisfied with the results of the case. What really set him apart from other attorneys we’ve interviewed were his great interpersonal skills and ability to break down the case into different scenarios and walk through every option providing each outcome’s benefits and drawbacks and giving us a chance to make a decision on the route to follow instead of trying to convince us of one specific solution that might have been the easiest for him to implement. His communication style is timely and personable. He has great relationships in the court system and this was evident on the day of the hearing when despite a long pile of cases before our case, the prosecutor put our case in the front of the line when she saw that Greg was representing it. The prosecutor also did not argue against our proposed solution and the case was quickly dismissed within the first hearing!!! If our family ever needs to hire a criminal defense attorney again we will not be looking further than Greg’s office. Thank you Greg for all you did!

DV case dismissed on the first pre-trial

Posted by anonymous

My wife and I got into a heated argument on July 4th this year 2014 and she called 911 when she thought she had felt threatened by me. She naively believed that the police would just come to calm us down. They instead cuffed me and put me in jail letting me to celebrate the Fourth as an inmate. Greg had defended me in two previous cases so I immediately called him from prison. He quickly contacted me via a video conference and calmed me down. After having bailed out of jail I asked Greg to defend me against the city’s prosecutor. He advised me to take an Anger Management class to make me to look good in court. He also promptly answered my questions through phone and text. He negotiated with the prosecutor and the case got dismissed right on the first pre-trial. The No Contact Order also got lifted so I could come home full time to take care of my autistic son. So if you get into a Domestic Violence situation you should contact Greg right away. He is a caring attorney who will save you from troubles with the legal system.

Career Saving Decision

Posted by Blake

I was refered to greg from 3 other clients he had previously represented. When I first contacted him the morning after being arrested for DUI, Greg was there to calm my nerves and help me relax in a time of need. Being a member of the military this could could have easily been the end of my career. Greg explained to me what I was looking at and a realistic view on what i can expect. Just about everday you hear on the radio or commercials that this lawyer will win your case or can make your DUI go away but to have someone in my corner giving a no nonsense answer to questions that will dictate your future is confidence inspiring. Greg won the DOL side of my case and the DUI dropped to a Reckless driving. Without a doubt Greg will be the only lawyer I recommend or use in the future.

Great Lawyer

Posted by anonymous

I highly recommend Greg. I used other attorney in the past but Greg is totally different. I think he is a super attorney. Thanks to him, we could get the best possible result.

DUI Case

Posted by Michael

Working with Greg, I felt comfortable and confident about my case. He knows the entire system inside and out and is able to strategize a powerful defense. I am very happy with my outcome, I was able to avoid administrative license suspension from the DOL and had my charge reduced to reckless. Any questions I had were very quickly and accurately answered. Greg is also very professional, but still has a great sense of humor and can lighten up emotionally intensive situations.

Thanks again, Greg!

Posted by Elisabeth

Mr. Schwesiner has represented me twice, and twice I have walked away forever grateful that I had him by side. Greg’s knowledge, confidence, and aggressive personality helped me relax while he defended me. He is professional, assertive, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Greg Schwesinger! -Elisabeth, Client ~Elisabeth, Client

Great Lawyer

Posted by Tom

Recommended through a friend. First time hiring a Lawyer and I’m glad I hired Greg. Professional, Knowledgeable, and Straight forward. Greg took care of everything, told me exactly what I need to do, and kept me informed the whole time. I felt he was truly on my side attempting to win (get the best deal) the case for me the whole way. End of the day Greg was able to get me the best deal we could have hope for. Would recommend.

Greg certainly lives up to his name and reputation as an outstanding attorney!

Posted by anonymous

Having searched all over and interviewed several attorneys, I will forever be grateful that I decided to hire Greg! Knowing that Greg was a former Marine, I knew that he would bring forth his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and tenacity to my case. With this having been my 1st alcohol related offense, I was constantly worrying about the outcome and thinking about the worst case scenario. Greg somehow managed to keep me at ease by explaining the procedure and the realistic possibilities of my case. With his proven experience, I always trusted what he said. Throughout the case, he always held me accountable and made sure that I needed to do everything on my end, to get the best possible outcome. He kept me informed and really made me feel that I was more than just another client. My case was recently resolved and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! Keep up the great work Greg! SF

The best friend that money can buy!

Posted by anonymous

I have known Mr. Schwesinger professionally since 2006. He was recommended to me by a friend and Greg has been my attorney ever since. When there are life changing consequences involved you want to know you have the best by your side. No more chances! What I found most helpful about working with Greg was his business contacts. There were other essential needs relevant to my situation and he was able to provide me with great referrals. Overall very pleasant experience. Thanks again Greg! – B

An Exceptional Lawyer with Technical Acumen and Savvy Discretion

Posted by M

Attorney Gregory Schwesinger is one of those rare lawyers in the world of jurisprudence who truly understands how to astutely pull together all of the components required for success. He is building a world-class firm focused on the client, the law, equity and justice. He has the technical acumen and savvy discretion to ask the tough questions in a complex fast paced court/trial environment. He has what is required to understand how organizations are motivated to collaborate and cooperate through his years of experience in the legal community and his amiable influence upon decision makers. He is ever increasing in superb outcomes. I know this because I’ve had several lawyers work for me as a leader in a global technical complex enterprise. When I needed a lawyer for my personal matter, I called upon Greg …after searching the internet. Nevertheless, I observed the same exceptional professionalism as experienced in working with the best lawyers of a global enterprise. My family is well pleased after going through our rough patch. Thanks Greg! Your advice is purely sage wisdom and precious jewels. You soar with the elite!

DV Case

Posted by anonymous

Greg is very knowledgeable and professional. I found him very easy to communicate with. If I ever had a question or concern, he was there. Pleased with the end result. Thank you, Greg!

Saad Helped Reduce My DUI Charge – Highly Recommended

Posted by anonymous

Saad walked me through my first run in with the law and did so with confidence, patience and no judgement. He was able to get my offense reduced to a lesser charge and the option to complete community service in lieu of jail time and fines. He was at every court appearance and extremely responsive, even after my case was closed. The fee was fair and totally worth it. If you find yourself pulled over for a DUI, I highly recommend Saad to help you navigate the process.

Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

Posted by Brynnelle

This was my first time needing a Lawyer and I decided to work with Greg based off of several recommendations from people I know. Greg kept me very informed via text/phone/email (it was really easy to reach him) about what to expect and knew what steps I needed to take to help my case. He responded quickly every time I had a question or concern, and most of all, kept me calm through out the whole process. Greg Schwesinger is profoundly knowledgeable about the parameters of DUI cases and helped me get the best possible outcome.

GREAT attorney! Without Greg I would have been screwed.

Posted by Nick

So here’s the deal: Basically, I was a dumbass last year and got a bad DUI and I would have been totally screwed by the court system if I did not hire Greg. I interview several attorneys and I am grateful that I chose to hire Greg. Hiring Greg was the best decision I could have made, he won the civil side of the case for me, which if you’re reading my review right now you’ve probably already learned is very uncommon (less than 10%). Additionally, because my police report looked so bad (because I was really drunk), the prosecutor wanted to hold me to the full extent of the DUI and refused to negotiate at all. In the final hour, while in TRIAL, Greg was able to get the prosecutor to make a subtle mistake and cause a mistrial which he then leveraged with the prosecutor to get me a deal for the reduced charge of reckless driving. This last year of dealing with the DUI was extremely stressful and I am grateful for Greg’s patients responding to all my nervous nonstop questions, but most of all I am grateful for what Greg accomplished. When my case ended up going to trial I thought for sure I was screwed, but Greg came through in a major way! My trial was yesterday, so as I write this review I feel like 1,000 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Greg for all your patients and all your help… … And for whoever is reading my review, hire Greg, it will be the best decision you have made in a long time. – Nick –

Greg was the right choice!

Posted by Ben

After searching avvo.com and making a shortlist of potential DUI attorneys in Seattle I chose Greg Schwesinger. I had phone interviews with nine people narrowing down to three in person interviews. Greg was the obvious choice. He was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. Throughout the process he was always made sure to put my nerves at ease as I got pretty nervous days before court. Considering my circumstances I really believe Greg was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for me! He was able to delay the case time and time again until my husband started working again as a seasonal employee so that our financial picture was steady going forward. When we were in the courtroom it was obvious his experience working in the prosecutor’s office was put to my advantage. He had great working relationships with the courtroom staff as well! There was no question I was driving under the influence when I got pulled over, but this being my third offense, combined with the rest of the evidence against me, I was extremely please he successfully negotiated with the prosecutor to reduce my charges to the lowest possible mandatory minimums! Greg is a man that really went the extra mile to be certain I was pleased with the outcome before finalizing anything. He is the only person I would recommend to anyone facing a DUI charge!

5 Star Attorney, Trustworthy and High Level of Professionalism and provided peace of mind during a difficult process

Posted by Chris

Greg has been my "go-to" attorney since my first run in with the law and alcoholism 7 years ago. He aggressively represented me, and consistently kept me informed of upcoming events and his recommendations for preparation have proven very satisfactory results, in all cases we’ve worked together on. He is very skilled in multiple facets within his line of work. Basically, the long and short, is that there may have been times I probably would have otherwise incurred some level of sanction, however, the outcome has been opposite. Greg’s ability to represent has proven to show me and others around me that he has the ability to walk on water, so to speak. Highly recommended, can’t go wrong, you won’t be sorry, you’ll be glad you do.

AMAZING / AFFORDABLE / OUT STANDING attorney, he got my 2 cases dismissed

Posted by AHMED

1st case is a domestic violence case, i was looking for the best attorney to get me the result i deserve, specially i’m a green card holder and i might potentially get deported if i get convicted, so i hired GREG, on the first interview i was amazed how he was able to review my case from a different aspects and showed me the positive and negative parts of the case, he was affordable on the money cost compare to the quotes i got from other attorneys, i felt so much comfort with him, on the first day in the court he got me offer from the prosecutor which’s my previous lawyer couldn’t get for 1 and half month, and he advised me legally very well, he kept me informed in a timely manner, he was patient and explained everything to me so calmly even though my english is not that good, he presented me very well in the court, so on my trial date, he got my case dismissed like it didn’t happen 🙂 2nd case was violating NO CONTACT ORDER, i got arrested at midnight so my wife had to call GREG at 3am in the morning he answered her and calm her down, he was calm with her even though she kept him awake most of the night talking to him on the phone, 9am in the morning he was in the court, i got released, and he took over the case, AGAIN he did a great job, he was so caring and responsible and kept me informed in a timely manner, and spent allot of time out of the court room explaining the case all over to me, so today the 13th of march he got my 2nd case dismissed, i’m really happy now i have a clean record and i will be able to renew my green card and apply for the U.S citizenship 🙂 I’m thankful for GREG for the great job he did for me and i recommend him totally!

I felt confident from the very first interview – DV Dismissal

Posted by Ivan

I was charged for D.V. in November of 2013. As I am an immigrant there was a risk of losing my status and being deported if I was convicted. I found in Greg an attorney that I felt confident in from the very first interview due to his knowledge and professional expertise. I am not very fluent in English and Greg was very patient and clear to make sure I was understanding all the options and possibilities my case had. He did not just give me legal advise but also encouraged me to keep my well-being in the most critical moment. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns in more than a timely manner and kept me informed at all times. The case was successfully dismissed. I am very lucky and happy I have met Greg and thanks to him my life is back on track. He is an amazing lawyer and I recommend him 100%

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Reliable. Highly Recommended!

Posted by anonymous

Greg and Saad got my gross misdemeanor case dismissed. When I got charged with a gross misdemeanor, my career and life would have been over if the case wasn’t handle properly. I felt I was wrongly charged and needed an expert in the field, so I hired SQ attorneys. Greg was highly knowledgeable and explained all of the processes and outcomes and helped me to make the right decisions when applicable. With his expertise, I was able to focus on work and spending time with my family without worry. In the end, my possible jail time and fines got reduced to community service and Not Guilty. Greg and Saad practically saved my life and I would recommend them to anyone in a similar circumstance.

case droped

Posted by reg

We needed Attorney for a shoplifting charge my wife has bipolar issues we went to doctor to get her help she had not ever done this before . Greg was understanding of the issue, Greg did what nobody else could do and got the charges dropped. He knows the law, does what he has to do to get the job done I highly recommend Greg.

Amazing Attorney

Posted by Ryan

Great attorney and overall great guy. From my very first call and within the first few minutes of talking with him, I knew I was in good hands and that he would take care of me. He was available when I needed him and promptly answered any questions I had over email, text, and phone. I was charged with DUI and Greg was able to reduce my fines, my charges, and make it so I didn’t have my license suspended or taken away at all! He’s a smart and dependable lawyer who isn’t going to judge you. He really has your interests in mind and will make sure he gets the best results he can. He works hard for you and he’s extremely good at what he does. This is who you want to have represent you if you are facing DUI charges. Look no further!


Posted by anonymous

I am ashamed to admit that I was arrested for a DUI after leaving a company farewell party… Long story short, I knew I needed a good attorney… so after doing plenty of research (my wife and I), we came across Greg Schwesinger and noticed that he had tons of positive reviews. We decided to call, and ended up leaving a message. We continued to keep searching for an attorney in desperation. About an hour later Greg himself actually called us back. He was so helpful from the very beginning. He talked to my wife and answered our many many questions. He was very honest, upfront, and respectful, and he eased our minds. I was shocked to see how much time he was spending over the phone and how he was so understanding. I realized that he was spending his own time after business hours discussing my situation, and giving all sorts of advice before we even knew if we were going to go with him. Needless-to say, by the end of our first conversation (About 2 hours), I knew we found the one we could trust to represent me. I had my hearing today, and I am very pleased to say that Greg came through for me. I ended up getting a really fair deal. I highly recommend Greg Swesinger if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.

Great lawyer and a nice guy – best possible outcome for my case (dismissed with prejudice)

Posted by Tom

I hired Greg to handle my obstruction case even though I already had a court appointed attorney. I could never get in touch with the court appointed lawyer and I didn’t get the feeling that she would work very hard to defend me. Greg on the other was great – he explained everything in detail and helped me understand what was going on with my case and also helped me decide on the best approach to take. He was very diligent, easy to work with and easy to get in touch with. I was not thrilled with having to hire a lawyer at first since I felt that I was not guilty and I even thought about trying to defend myself, but luckily reality set in and I realized that I could not leave things to chance and that I needed help from someone who knows what they are doing. I am glad to have had him on my side – he earned the money and will be the first one I call if I run into any legal problems again. thanks Greg!

Fine DUI Counselor

Posted by anonymous

Greg handled my first offense DUI very competently. He’s very knowledgable and compassionate. I didn’t know how the process worked and he explained it very well. Reduced the DUI charge to reckless driving, on probation for 2 years. On the DOL side, had to have ignition interlock installed for 3 months and get new license.

Look no further.

Posted by Michael

What can I say, Greg is the best. He’s not going to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be all right, he’ll shoot you straight. He told me what I needed to do and I did it. My case was over 19 days after my arraignment….it was faster and a better outcome than I could have imagined. I have nothing bad to say about Greg. He’s dead honest, incredibly knowledgeable, and will talk to you like you are a human. You’d have to be an absolute fool to hire anyone else.

Fantastic and knowledgeable counsel for my DUI case

Posted by anonymous

Greg was referred to me by a friend. He successfully won my DOL case and defended/negotiated a reduced charge on the criminal side from a DUI to a Reckless Driving at a time when few prosecutors are willing to negotiate on these issues. Greg was fantastic at making sure I understand all elements of the case and the situation. I can honestly say I did not know a single thing about the process of fighting a DUI charge, the potential consequences or how to go about being proactive in putting myself in the best possible situation. Greg prepared me for all of this. He is incredibly knowledgeable, determined, persistent and really makes you feel like you have someone in your corner fighting for you. That was very important to me. I can’t recommend Greg enough and would turn to him in a heartbeat if I were to ever be in a similar situation. A+

100% Follow Thru, Excellent Communicator & Incredibly Intelligent. 5 Star Highly Recommended!!

Posted by anonymous

Prior to my hiring of Greg, I was arrested & being charged by the local city prosecutor’s office, for D.V.- Malicious Mischief. This past summer I had an argument with a now ex-girlfriend over the phone, that lead to me being highly frustrated & ultimately punching a door in my place of residence. Shortly after the landlord called the local police & had urged the couple/owner’s that I be detained "to let me cool off for a little while" (as if it was in my best interest); they agreed & I was arrested and taken to a county detention holding facility. Despite the fact that I had zero contact or communication with the owner’s of the residence from which I rent, I was being charged as if my punching of the door was in response to them or somehow aimed at the couple (when in reality they had nothing to do with why I was upset)… Before ever I had ever spoke with/hired Greg, I was being urged to take a deal accepting/agreeing to the full charges with a recommendation deferred a year of incarceration be deferred (lucky for me I didn’t).. I wouldn’t let myself plead guilty to something I KNEW I HADN’T DONE (while I may have lost my cool & done some form of destruction of property, there was no violence toward the couple and when they found out what I was being charged with they were shocked & felt as though they had been deceived). Greg listened to my story, asked what my expectations were, gave me his professional expert opinion on the matter, & lastly we agreed on a course of action/strategy. First he was going to speak with the City’s D.A. and see if a deal on lesser charges was an option (as I was open to admitting fault for having punched the door, just not the DV towards the land owner’s portion that the D.A. kept pursuing. Second was for Greg to review all legal specifics of the case and see if getting the case dismissed was an option (although at the time I didn’t foresee this to be realistic, Greg was confident if needed he could review the facts of the law vs. my case and find something). And third & finally, if needed, both he & I were willing to go to trial and fight this case before a judge & jury. The result was within 40 days of my hiring of Greg, he had spoken to the victim’s, gotten them to file paperwork showing I had paid for the damage of property (which was only approximately $180), and presented both Judge & D.A.’s Office with this form.. That same day all charges were dropped & my case dismissed!! Greg was diligent in following through with everything he said he would do, he kept in constant communication & me informed with everything I needed to know along the way, and in addition to the results beating what I could have ever hoped for upon hiring him, he was also great along the way at helping me to understand 1) what was actually going on during/within the process 2) what the next step, likely outcomes, etc were and 3) Greg really helped my stress level & anxiety by reassuring me that regardless of whatever outcome was reached, I had nothing to fear and just an overall confidence in both his abilities/the process and our case. When trying to find an attorney I was really worried of getting "The Right Person" for it and used this site. Now I am writing not only on behalf of Greg and his incredible work & performance for me, but to ANYONE without an attorney in what feels like a terribly scary position, anyone feeling like they need help or need someone who understands them or their case, thanks to prior reviews I was able (lucky enough) to find Greg and now I’m simply trying to pay that favor back forward. 5 Star Attorney with a perfect balance of knowledge in regards to the law and personable personality, Gregory W. Schwesinger is one decision you won’t regret.

DV Case

Posted by Russell

I was charged with domestic violence assault back in July 2013. After contacting Greg about my case, he set me up with a course of action to get me positioned and aligned to take a proactive stance in getting a positive outcome. Finally, in December 2013 he was able to get my case dismissed. Greg was extremely professional, knowledgable and easy to talk to. He gave me his cell phone number, answered when I called and never made me feel rushed or hurried. I would highly recommend Greg to others in need of a quality attorney! Russell

Outstanding Lawyer!! Case Dismissed.

Posted by anonymous

Greg was exquisite at explaining the situation I was in and answering my many questions I had for him. He was able to get the case dismissed, which was an even better outcome then I could have expected. First time having to hire a lawyer and went very smoothly. Highly recommend. Thank you!

DV issue resolved. Thanks Greg!!!

Posted by anonymous

Gregory is a true lawyer and dedication. He just helped me through a traumatic DV issue and the resolution was amazing!

Highly Recommend

Posted by Caitlin

Greg is amazing! He negotiated a great deal for me with the prosecutor for my DUI case to reduce my charges and he was always available and really helpful. If you’re going through the same thing then Greg is the #1 choice! I will ALWAYS recommend him to friends and family.

Schwesinger Review

Posted by Mike

Excellent attorney. Greg negotiated a great deal for me to avoid a DUI, despite a fairly high BAC. There were no hidden charges and he was always very responsive and proactive. I highly recommend him.

Attorney Gregory Schwesinger review

Posted by anonymous

Great guy, very professional and knowledgeable. He did great deal helping me out with my DUI. He has a lot of experience with DUI cases I would really recommend him for anybody.

A +++ Glowing Review!

Posted by anonymous

Greg is a dream to work with. I am so glad I decided to hire him instead of relying on a public defender. Greg has been Johnny on the spot throughout the whole process. Always prompt, never procrastinating anything. He is detail oriented and kept my butt out of jail!

Very good and Supportive Attorney

Posted by VJ

Very good, knowledgeable, genuine, smart, reliable and supportive. It was good to work with him, he was very professional, friendly and totally supportive through out the case.

Super Lawyer!

Posted by anonymous

Saad represented me for a moving violation. He was great at explains the process to me and made me feel at ease. He achieved the best possible result for me. I highly recommend Saad!

i knew i was in good hands soon as i walked in his office.

Posted by elvis

who gets a fine in a bar for drinking?, this guy who do i call? i call Greg he got it thrown out like always. the first time i hired Greg was for my dui he took care of everything that i needed to do and stay on me to make sure i did it. i was happy with the results that came out my case and would recommend him to all my friends and every single one was happy with their results.

Extremely knowledgeable, personable attorney that subscibes a very high level of trust and humility in his approach

Posted by Peter Zuest

Saad was extremely knowledgeable of the many facets of the law that encompassed the multiple hearings that we had to appear to over a 2 and a half year period. Saad was very professional in explaining what to expect and what to prepare for prior to these multiple hearings. I gained so much trust in Saad’s expertise that I learned not to expect any worse scenario than what Saad had explained to me prior to each court hearing. Saad was always punctual to every hearing and treated me always as a client but as well as a peer that he was comfortable explaining the process and posssible outcomes in all scenarios that we encountered. I consider Saad very centered on humility and he is very empathetic for his clients, I would consider Saad as a professional equaintance and friend.

Top-Notch and Straight-Up

Posted by anonymous

G. Schwesinger: 1) listened to desired client outcome; 2) provided realistic perspectives of alternative results, based on his historical procedural experience with similar matters, particularly in view of respective parties/decision-makers involved; 3) tailored his client-specific service model to meet individual requests; and 4) worked diligently (and persistently) to reach decision-makers directly and emphasize extenuating circumstances in representing matter toward achieving an OUSTANDING client outcome – compromise of misdemeanor. G. Schwesigner is absolutely top-notch and straight up — competent, cordial–and a highly recommended criminal defense resource: I’m not alone in this opinion. Read others’ perspectives – I did, and called him first. ‘Encourage anyone with need for assistance in Seattle to consult with/engage him for assistance. I anticipate he would not disappoint!

Job Well Done!!

Posted by Natasha

Mr. Schwesinger was referred to me by a friend. He saw me within days of my first call and was very knowledgeably as to everything involving my case. I felt at ease under his counsel, he is very honest and passionate. Of what should have been months of stress, Greg made it very easy. I knew that he was taking as much of the pressure, stress and worry off my plate as he could. I didn’t even have to meet or go to many appearances and he got the case dropped severely. I can proudly say he was the reason I do not have a DUI on my record today! Highly recommend him to all!

when i most needed an angel, he was wearing a suit!

Posted by Alejandro

gregory wayne schwesinger just WON my case and i have to say I’m a 100% thankful to greg. my case wasn’t simple, it was a really complicated domestic violence trial , i already had review other lawyers and they all seemed to tell me my case wasn’t easy to win and he took care of my entire case he was not just my lawyer but he became like a family member to me. he kept me confident at all times and was always there for me , i even called him after office hours and weekends. always answered his personal phone and was easy to text , mail and reach at all times.always went out his way to keep me confident! he was always on time to court dates and seemed to be a known lawyer by everyone in the room .he was always ahead in every step of the game. he made my case shorter than expected and always positive and confident. he is an experienced lawyer no doubt and without greg i would be facing jail time and deportation. everything he told me the first time we meet became true.. i am so thankful for your great work and i can’t believe this nightmare is over and once again all thanks to you!


Posted by anonymous

Mr. Schwesinger has helped a lot. He was considerate of my needs and helped me move on from my incident with ease. He is easy to communicate with and is a incredibly professional. I highly recommended him and I always keep his business card in my wallet.

The man for the job

Posted by Tyson

Good overall guy and great at what he does. Very easy to contact and talk to. I recommend his services to anyone that is in need. Really helped me get outta a jam and got done exactly what he said he would.

Very Reliable and Gets the Job Done RIGHT — "TOP DOG IN THE COURT ROOM"—

Posted by Ryan

Greg has helped me out multiple times for alcohol related incidents. He was able to dismiss all my charges with ease every time. Definitely recommend his services to everyone. He guided me in the right direction and made sure my family and I were up to date on everything he was doing to dismiss my case. He is very involved and personable with his clients. A friend of mine also went through Greg and was happy with his results. He is also really fair on price. There are no hidden charges and you can contact him at any time. Not many attorneys will help you out as much a Greg does. Thanks again -G

5 star lawyer

Posted by Brittany

Mr. Schwesinger was referred to me by three different people. All of which whom had been thrilled with the outcome of their situations. From day one Greg showed me confidence that my case would be taken care of and there would be nothing to be concerned about. Without getting into detail, he helped me get the best possible outcome for my situation and made sure I was fully aware of everything that was going on. He helped me understand the possibilities and gave me assurance with his knowledge. I was incredibly impressed with Gregs work and will only continue to refer him.

Greg is the lawyer that gets it done.

Posted by anonymous

It was my first DUI and was a very scary experience for me. I heard about Greg through a friend and as soon as we got on the phone, not only did he give me all the information I needed, but I didn’t feel like he was judging me at all. He assured me always that everything would be OK. He was always responsive throughout the process via phone, text, or email. In the end, he was able to get me an amazing deal with the court. I’m so happy that I found out about Greg. I would definitely recommend him to anyone deal with DUI.

Greg saved my life!

Posted by Mitchell

It was a year ago when I met Greg Schwesinger and I am so very grateful I did. Greg truly saved my life from disaster! I was facing multiple charges and was terrified of the circumstances I created for myself. Greg was so compassionate and reassured me that we would get through it. I couldn’t have asked for better legal representation but what I most appreciated was his strong emotional support during the lowest point of my life. Thank you Greg. Our case took several months and Greg explained from the beginning that we would go through a series of "Hills and Valleys". I knew I had a long road ahead of me but Greg really helped me find clarity and kept me in a positive state of mind. Through the course of our case I realized how very fortunate I was to find such an exceptional Attorney and Humanitarian. I consider Greg a trustworthy individual with a high regard to integrity,honesty, and professionalism. We ended up having an OUTSTANDING result and I finally have closure of horrible situation that I created. Thank you so much Greg!!

This guy works.

Posted by anonymous

Like many facing a DUI, I was completely taken by surprise. Greg was exceptional at laying down the realities, possibilities and probabilities in a professional but calming manner. From the first time we met I felt that I had someone who knew the system well enough to give me great council and keep me informed of my responsibilities and options. The most impressive thing was how comfortable he was in the court room and how respected he seemed to be amongst his peers. The settlement Greg got for me was better than I expected and better than most. Thank you, Greg

Super professional and helped me with DUI

Posted by Frank

Saad represented me for a DUI I received. He was very professional and kept me calm and relaxed throughout this stressful period in my life. He was able to negotiate my charge to a lesser charge this keeping me out of jail. I couldn’t be more grateful

He’s not just good, he’s a lifesaver!

Posted by Dee

Saad…..extremely professional, very genuine, smart, unbelievably knowledgeable, reliable, positive, punctual, diligent, determined, understanding, non judgmental, a stand up guy, and overall an amazing individual and attorney are just a few ways I’d describe him. After my arrest in Bellevue and while facing serious DWI/DUI criminal charges I was more then a little worried, angry, disappointed, and ashamed of myself to name a few. Right away I interviewed and consulted with numerous well known attorneys, but rather then feeling better and hopeful about the whole thing, I was left feeling more scared and stressed. THANKFULLY a friend of mine recommended I contact Saad. I had no idea who he was but at this point, after everything said and done, I can’t even describe how happy and glad I am that I did! After a positive and reassuring phone conversation, to start, and even with his incredibly busy schedule of saving lives one crime at a time, Saad agreed to meet me when and where it was convenient for me. He then further explained the seriousness of the matter, walked me through the whole process of what was to come and be expected and (what I am still beyond grateful for) he put me at ease. He assured me, not just then but all along the way as well, that I would be fine and that everything would be okay and it really was. Fast forward a few months Saad did more then I expected or could have ever even hoped for. I’m still not sure how, but luckily Saad got my DOL case completely dismissed without any added license suspensions or ignition interlock device requirements. On the criminal case side of it all, with his vast knowledge of the courts, the law, and years of criminal defense experience Saad worked very hard and not only got my charge significantly reduced but also deferred. As if I wasn’t already ecstatic and more then satisfied with that, he also made sure I didn’t end up with any jail time or community service. Though I didn’t end up going that route in the end, Saad was also very helpful and there every step of the way in arranging a payment plan with the court in order to make it less stressful and easier for me to pay all the court fines and fees. The situation I found myself in was horrible to put it in a nice way. I sincerely feel for anyone in the same boat. Thankfully though, Saad was there for me and had my back the whole time. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Saad and have such an amazing attorney represent me. Money well spent for sure! I can honestly say, while I have no intention of making getting in trouble a habit, as long as Saad is practicing law I’m not worried about a thing. I truly and undoubtably trust him with my life. That said, I most definitely would and do recommend Saad and the SQ attorneys team to anyone in need of great criminal defense.


Posted by Shawn

Saad is an excellent attorney with great knowledge and wisdom. He made a very complex and difficult situation, easy and stress-free. He knows what he is doing and loves doing it. Would highly recommend Saad Qadri’s services to anyone and everyone looking for representation. He is keen in advice and very easy to approach. He runs a great practice through SQ Attorneys in Seattle and has quickly gained prestige through his wonderful reputation as a well respected attorney in Seattle.

Greg is the man.

Posted by Rob

To keep it simple and to the point, Greg is a phenomenal attorney. His demeanor and communication is top notch. Obviously I was very worried about my situation, and it seemed like I always had a question, Greg was always only a phone call or text away. His knowledge of the trial process was very comforting to me. He fought hard for me and was able to get a very favorable outcome. I have already referred Greg to others I know and will continue to do so. If you want the best service call Greg you will be happy you did.

He walks on water

Posted by Dustin

I was charged with a dui after going out for a few drinks. I hired Greg after reading such good reviews on other sites, as well as him being prior military, which made me feel safe. He brought up facts for my case that I would have never thought of bringing up. For example, I gave him a copy of my medical record, which I have reviewed for months looking for things to use in my case, and all Greg had to do was skim through my record and within 30 seconds found strong facts that I overlooked to use in my case. Greg took me by surprise with the amount of work he put in, I was sure that he would urge me to take the first offer that came my our way, but he insisted we keep working month after month to ensure we get the best deal possible. Greg kept me informed the entire way, he was completely trustworthy and relevant on all current laws ( more so then the prosecutor) and we were QUICKLY able to get my dui turned into negligent driving with a deferment so if I don’t get another dui in the allotted time, it would be off my record completely. I would hire Greg again and again, as well as recommend him to family and friends.

Reduced my Class B Felony to a Misdemeanor!!!

Posted by anonymous

Greg kept me well informed throughout the whole process of my case. I was initially facing a potential Assault 2 DV. Greg was able to plead my case down to an Assault 4 DV w/ 0 jail time and 1 year unsupervised probation! I am free to move on with my life now thanks to Greg! As an Attorney, he was always willing to give his time answer my questions/concerns in detail. He is a no BS type of guy. He always gave me a clear explanation of the potential positive/negative outcomes of each decision we had to make along the way, this gave me confidence in his legal recommendations. He was able to open doors for me others couldn’t have, through his time spent as a prosecutor, and the relationships had created there in. I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges. This is your guy! Thanks again Greg!

Dismissal relief

Posted by anonymous

After meeting with several other lawyers I felt that Greg was the best and made me feel at ease when I was at a panic. He not only helped me with the case but he is also walked me through the process of understanding my charge and what I needed to do to clear my charge. He took the time to explain everything in a simple manor so that I can understand and made me feel more confident. I don’t think I could have gotten a better lawyer like Greg. I feel very thankful and relieved after having my case dismissed.

Calm, Cool and Collected

Posted by Karen

I am thankful to have had Greg prepare and represent our case. Greg’s communication with our family was excellent. He stayed in regular contact and was always responsive to our requests. He took extra effort to make sure we completely understood everything as we moved through the court system. Greg was excellent at orchestrating and executing a winning strategy. His ability to build a bridge to the prosecutor’s office opened the door for negotiations which resulted in a positive outcome for us. I hope I will never need the services of a defense attorney again, but if I do Greg will be my first phone call!

Superb Lawyer for Criminal charges

Posted by anonymous

Greg helped me to have the charge dismissed more than 5 years ago when he still was with Bradley Johnson law firm so this time I immediately called him when I was charged with the same "crime". The only thing different now is he is having his own law firm SQAttorneys. In this country if you are a nudist and your neighbors don’t like to see you being naked around your house they would call the police and 99.9999% of the time you will be charged with "indecent exposure" which is a sex crime. The charge is very damaging because if you are convicted you will be labeled as "sex offender" and will be forced to register and report to local authority wherever you live for the rest of your life. It’s ironic that people believe that human being was created in the image of God but if someone exposes the image of God he/she mostly will be charged with "indecent exposure". I believe if God appears before them naked He/She for sure will be dragged to court and put in jail. Those people have no respect for the First Amendment of our Constitution. I am not God so I was very stressful when I asked Greg to help me again. Through e-mail and text he calmed me down and advised me to maintain a normal life and let him work out a favorable negotiation which he did. At the end the charge was changed to a civil infraction that required only monetary fine. I was happy because I tell you : "if you are not a criminal you should try to avoid by all cost to be put in jail with the real criminals because the risks for being in jail are unpredictable." So if you are charged with real crime or some moral crime by some hypocrite, call Greg. He will effectively get you out of trouble and restore your normal life. He also advised me to go to "nudist clubs" where my life style will be accepted because it may take a long while before this religious, hypocritical society could accept "public nudity" as most of European countries. I strongly recommend Greg to anyone who may entangle with the crazy legal system of this country.

A superstar lawyer!

Posted by Laura

He went the extra mile for our case and was willing to go for more if it were required. He made sure we were informed often and it put my mind at ease. The case reached a satisfying conclusion. We would definately hire him again!

Excellent representation!

Posted by Dave

During our first conversation Greg gave me a concise summary of my options and advice on things to get in order. Over the following months he represented me through a series of hearings. He was always there to answer questions and prepare me for the next step. Greg did a superb job of representing my interests and in the end, we had an excellent outcome. I would trust him anytime I need legal help in the future!

Compassionate, Professional, High character and Integrity….Simply the best!!!!!

Posted by Yuching

It is my pleasure to write this review for Gregory Schwesinger, Attorney at Law. I have known Greg for the past 5+ years. Over 5 years ago, my daughter was going through a difficult time and found herself in trouble with the law. She retained Greg to represent her. Greg is a person of high character and integrity. Not only did he provide good legal advice he was always easy to reach and worked with us to make financing feasible. I always felt that he went "one step beyond" what was required. His explanations of the legal system were easy to understand and I felt very comfortable with him. What is the most compelling of all is his genuine concern for his clients. I witnessed the compassion he displayed when dealing with my daughter, a sometimes difficult young woman. Because of my many interactions with him and the excellent service he gave my family over the years, I can highly recommend him.

Posted by Michael Wilson

They were great! I wasn’t making a lot of money when I was falsely accused at the muckelshoot some years ago and they worked with my budget. Greg was very friendly and worked hard on my case. I appreciate everything he did to help me win my case.

Fantastic Representation – Highly Recommended!

Posted by Alex

Greg did an amazing job from day one. Since this was my first offense, I was clueless about the procedure and didn’t quite know what to expect. Greg outlined everything from the beginning and didn’t leave out any details. He always reminded me that it’s important to carry on with my daily routine and not let the burden of the DUI drag me down. Whenever I had any questions he was quick to respond over a phone call or a text. Greg knows all of the ins and outs of these cases and has a massive amount of experience to back it up. I always felt comfortable knowing that he was on my side. He didn’t leave any stone unturned throughout the entire process in order to make sure that I received the best outcome possible. His rates are fair and I would say it was worth every penny. You rock Greg! Although I hope to never have to deal with this type of issue again, I would definitely rely on Greg again and again. Recommended A++!

a true help in a difficult time

Posted by Michael D

I was going through a whole lot of stress and challenges in my life from medical and family issues to job – related stress…..went out 1 evening and made the mistake of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Got arrested and chargesd with a DUI, which added to my stress and anxiety level. With all that ensued, Saad not only led me swifly through the legal maze but offered solid support that put my mind at ease. he took excellent care of my concerns with what I had gone through and what I was to go through and negotiated a reduced sentance. Saad also offered the right encouragement in the most professional way that showed me the seriousness of my actions, with no judgement, while giving me the support to get through this and move forward with my life. I felt I was treated like a person in need of help and not a case number. Saad made the ordeal as painless as possible and got an incredibly reduced sentance. Thank you Saad!!! I gladly and whole-heartedly give my highest recommendation to this lawyer. He kept me from feeling lost in the legal maze and from feeling like a cog in the wheel…and worked hard to get me the incredibly reduced sentance that I got. 5 stars for this Attorney!!!!

Outstanding and compassionate lawyer

Posted by anonymous

I really can not thank Greg enough for being our lawyer and I cannot put in words how thankful I am for his help on our case. He is very professional and compassionate. He is honest, smart and knowledgeble. He had been very patient wih my millions questions and concerns. He spent so much time explaning the game plan he could offer me for the case before I hired him. I’m so lucky and grateful to have him work on our case. The outcome of our case was favorable. With his good commnication and negotiation skills the complaint was not filed by the prosecutor and the case was closed in a week! Greg is a trustworthy and responsive lawyer. I got his prompt response no matter it was weekdays or weekends. He always kept me imformed with the process and options. I highly recommend him as a defense attorney to anyone who needs a lawyer. I’m sure you will not regret with your decision.

Professional, Caring, and Responsible Attorney

Posted by Walt

Following a DUI 15 months ago after decades with a spotless driving record, I had no clue how to find a good lawyer in a city the size of Seattle (we live in the South Sound). My wife was researching the internet and came across Greg’s webpage and resume. Being a retired military officer, I immediately noticed his USMC judicial background and decided to give him a call. It being a Sunday, the day after my DUI arrest, I didn’t expect to hear from him until Monday. He called me Sunday evening and we must have spoken close to an hour about his background, experiences, and what I should expect, to include the DOL Hearing Process. I was greatly impressed and decided to retain him w/o contacting any other lawyers. There are three attributes that Greg possesses that differentiate him from the average lawyer. From day one, I was amazed at Greg’s responsiveness to my many questions and concerns. I still work for the military and had questions about my security clearance, car insurance, and future ability to drive on base. Throughout the long 11 month process, Greg always responded to me within a few hours whether it be e-mail, text, or telephone; this included weekends too. Additionally, he was always at court on-time and usually got to the head of the line which minimized the time we were in court. He always seemed better prepared than the other lawyers I witnessed and he seemed to have a personal rapport with many of the prosecutors who were working the cases that day. Secondly, Greg has a manner and personality that is very helpful in relieving the stress accompanied with a DUI. This was a terribly embarrassing and humiliating experience for me and I found myself getting very stressed about the entire ordeal. Greg was always there with kind and comforting words that made me feel better and made me realize this single incident didn’t define me as a person. It has been a difficult road but I thank Greg for his compassion, empathy, and steadfast perseverance in alleviating my stress and anxiety that surrounded this event. Lastly, Greg is exceptionally knowledgeable on DUI law. From our first conversation, it was obvious he was a subject matter expert on all aspects of the law, including the DOL side of DUI which I found especially confusing. You could not ask for a more informed attorney. I don’t expect I will ever need his services again but I would unequivocally recommend Greg to any of my family or friends. He surpassed all my expectations and I don’t think you can go wrong with him on your side. Thanks Greg for all that you do.

Straight forward and to the point

Posted by Justin

Greg helped me through a tough situation and always let me know where we stood with the case. In the end, he presented me with my options and gave me his recommendation which I happily took. He was professional, well connected and confident. He made a potential terrible experience into a bearable one. Thanks Greg!

Best Outcome Possible

Posted by Lee

My wife and I hired Greg for a DUI case in January 2012. Throughout Greg’s representation of us, he was upfront, truthful and insightful about the process we were undergoing. We felt fully informed at all times throughout the process. Given the circumstances involving our specific case, Greg was able to obtain the absolute best outcome possible in a very quick period of time. Within just a couple short months, the whole thing was behind us and we are able to move forward with our lives. I would definitely recommend Greg. Though I hope to never need his help again in that same way. 🙂

Not only a great lawyer, but a great person

Posted by Sean

Catching a second DUI is never what anyone wants or even imagines getting in life. Unfortunately we all make mistakes and have to live up to them. When I got in trouble I was lost and had no idea what I was going to have to go through with my new charge, until I gave Greg a call with SQ attorneys. Greg was available right when I called him and gave me instruction and help right out of the gate without even being paid. We met the next day and upon meeting Greg I knew he was a genuine person and really cared about what I was going through. Greg also helped me financially and made it possible for me to attain him as my attorney. Greg was there for me constantly through my whole case and provided me a worry free mind state at all times. Greg is a stand up person and overall a great human being. He is very knowledgeable and prompt with his profession and takes it very serious. .I would give anyone a full recommendation of Greg and am glad I had the opportunity to work him.


Posted by eloy

Outstanding service. Very happy with my outcome. Thanks Greg.

Top Tier, Profession, Thorough and Likeable

Posted by Brian

I can not say enough about Greg and his professional abilities. In early 2011 I found myself in a personally embarrassing/humiliating and potentially very damaging situation that I had never been in before. Looking online for an attorney, I reached out to Greg after reading reviews. I could not possibly have made a better choice. Without going into too much detail, I greatly appreciated his professionalism, attention to detail, and candor. He never sugar coated the situation and always gave it to me straight, yet at the same time he maintained a positive attitude and kept my spirits from flagging. Additionally, he was always readily available by phone, email or text. I never had trouble reaching him and he always managed to send a reminder of anything we had upcoming. Ultimately, and thanks to Greg’s hard work and professional knowledge, I had a positive outcome that I didn’t think was even possible. Finally, Greg is also an extremely likeable person and despite the circumstances I always enjoyed his company. I recommend Greg Schwesinger without any reservations whatsoever.

One Terrific Attorney

Posted by David

Greg you’re a terrific lawyer. I appreciate your acumen but your personal service and attention to my needs exemplify the phrase customer service. This was a very personal and embarrassing situation for me and you really helped me through it. Thank you Greg for everything you did.

Top notch attorney, that’s for sure!

Posted by Marissa

on August 20th, 2011, I was pulled over by a police for going 95 in a 60. Since I was going 30 MPH over the speed limit, the officer was going to have me arrested. On the verge of tears, due to the fact that I knew I would not be able to make it to one of my best friend’s wedding if arrested, ( I was the bridesmaid) the officer let me go. I was charged with a " 2nd degree negligent driving," accompanied by the largest ticket I have ever seen in my life. With a million things running through my mind, i.e. Insurance, parents knowing, the ticket itself, my driving record and how I was going to handle the whole situation, I found Attorney Greg Schwesinger online. After reading his reviews, and reviews for a dozen other attorneys, I knew he would be the one to help me resolve my case, & I was exactly right. He is so efficient, organized and on top of it, I was astounded. He even TEXTED, when I was unavailable to pick up phone calls. Never once, had I received a " no reply." The outcome of my case was a " non-moving infraction," from a " 2nd degree negligent driving." Now, that’s what I call a great lawyer. He is someone I would definitely recommend,

He goes all out for you..

Posted by Nigel

Greg is worth the money, and he gets the job done. I thought I was screwed because of my high BAC, but he was able to get the prosecution to drop my DUI to reckless driving. He offers you honest counsel, even if it is not the what you want to hear. He is not going to BS you.

Well Done.

Posted by Matthew

I had a DUI and interviewed three attorneys. I found Greg (on Avvo) to be a straight shooter (did not fill me with dread or give me false hope). He is obviously versed in this field and seemed very familiar with the judges and prosecution. He was able to keep me out of jail which was my primary goal from the start as the prosecution was pushing for two weeks in the clink. If I had to go through this damn process again I’d go back to Greg. It’s never pleasant but at least I felt I was well represented.

Extremely satisfied client

Posted by Thomas

Greg is fantastic, bottom line. He handled my case with great care and professionalism. He walked me threw every stage of the trial with care and consideration that went beyond his obligation. He was always checking in with me to make sure that I was feeling alright and made himself available night or day. A trial is an extremely stressful time in anyone’s life and Greg really made sure I wasn’t intimidated or disrupted from my normal routine. Before hiring Greg and as each date in court approached, I would have a gnawing sense of doubt. Greg allayed my fears each time. He handled himself extremely well in the courtroom as well. He always came on time and well prepared, and made sure that I was as well. He also seemed to know most of the people, and more importantly they knew him or of his outstanding reputation. I don’t think that the prosecutor would have taken me anywhere near as serious if I didn’t have Greg in my corner. Without going into detail, Greg procured the best outcome that I could have gotten. And one that I didn’t think possible. Basically, Greg is worth every penny. If you are in legal trouble and you want someone to fight tooth and nail for your rights and integrity, give Greg a call.

Excellence personified

Posted by anonymous

Greg was incredibly responsive and available. He was very knowledgable, seemed highly experienced, and had a rapport with the prosecuting attorney that was very advantageous. He produced a very fair resolution of my son’s case – due to his skill and advice a class C felony charge was reduced to a gross misdemeanor, which was resolved with a deferred sentence. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.

Excellence at its Best!

Posted by anonymous

From the initial contact through the final court visit, Greg was with us every step of the way. He always kept us informed and up to date on all that was going on throughout the entire process. He is extremely professional and very experienced. He was able to get the deferral extended so that a suspended sentence was avoided. I highly definitely recommend Greg Schwesinger to all. His expertise in these types of cases is admirable!

Would HIGHLY recommend Greg Schwesinger!

Posted by anonymous

Greg is professional, knowledgeable, kind and informative. He provided me with top-notch representation and answered all my questions along the way. Legal matters can be scary to go through, but Greg made me feel more at ease every step of the way knowing that I had someone so dedicated and organized standing by me.

Greg Schwesinger, SQ Attorneys – im glad I went with this firm

Posted by patrick

I got a repeat offense dui, unfortunately, and knew I didn’t have the know-how, resources or time to deal with it myself. I contacted sq attorneys via referral and immediately was relieved to learn I had someone who knew their stuff well to tell me what I was dealing with and how to deal with it. this continued until my case came to a positive end. I would recommend sq attorneys as I had a positive experience.

Exceptional representation

Posted by Barbara

After consulting with several other attorneys over the phone, I called Greg who immediately stood out as someone who was more familiar with the King County courts and nuances of the laws I’d be dealing with, than any of the other lawyers I’d spoken with. Greg handled my DUI case exceptionally well, prevailing at my DOL hearing (which I understand is fairly uncommon) and getting me the best possible result for my criminal case. I was especially impressed with Greg when it was clear he could have saved himself another trip to court, but instead chose to apply some excellent legal strategy that ended up helping me immensely.

Excellent Lawyer and smart

Posted by Mustafa Abdulsahib

Greg is very intelligent lawyer and he works well in the case and I swear I did not see a lawyer like him and he works well on for the issue and I wish him a happy life and always success in his business ……..

Saad made a tough experience easier to deal with

Posted by David

Saad was beyond helpful and responsive and made the tough experience of dealing with a DUI go with as much ease as this things can go always had a positive attitude and was helpful to make me understand the process and not be frustrated by it. and on top of that he is an incredible human being which i feel like a very important quality when you are going to choose a lawyer to represent you

"Semper Fidelis" the Marine Corps mantra, latin for" Always Faithful" is exemplified in Major Greg Schwesinger fight for all !

Posted by mojo giron

Having read all the other reviews, mine would just be a repeat of all the praises and attaboys that is already on record…. Major, thank you for being there for me and my family . You where tenacious in action , superb and excellent in your skill set , NO BETTER FREIND,NO WORST ENEMY ..you are the MAN! SEMPER FI.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by Rossol

I was referred to Greg ,and he was very helpful in my difficult case ,and he always answered my questions. Greg is an intelligent and professional attorney. I would recommend Greg to anyone. Thank you so much Greg. You are the best lawyer

Expert and Professional Representaiton

Posted by Scott

Hi, my name is Scott. I am NOT a hired spokesperson NOR am I a paid actor. Quite the contrary… I am an actual client. This last summer, I found myself in a precarious position with law enforcement and requiring legal counsel. After a week of sifting through the Yellow Pages and multiple phone calls, I happened upon Mr. Schwesinger’s name via the almighty Internet (I should have used that first). As you may know, most legitimate attorneys will give you a free consultation prior to retaining their services but may take several days to a week to do so. Well, I can honestly say that Greg not only called me back the same day, but spoke to me extensively about the issues of my case and his thoughts on the matter prior to my first office visit. That was the deciding factor for me as to whom I should retain as counsel… and trust me, I’d made more than a few calls. To save you all the boring details and to cut to the chase, Mr. Schwesinger was a PLEASURE to do business with, did EXACTLY as he said he would do and achieved the results I was hoping for. There were no surprises, hidden fees or "Oops! I forgot to tell ya’s…" If you are looking for HONEST, Professional, Courteous and AFFORDABLE legal advice, give Greg a call. Thank you.

Greg got my case Dismissed in the "interest of justice". He comforted and fought for me & gave me back control of my life

Posted by Melissa

I hope I never, ever have to be involved in a court case again. But, you can bet Greg would be the first call I’d make if it happened. He’s the best decision I made in my nightmare legal situation. If my friends, family or loved ones ever had a legal problem I would not only refer them to Greg, I would NOT let them even consider choosing a different attorney. I’m a female executive, who formerly managed one of Seattle’s local TV news stations (hardly the type of person who you’d expect to end up with three domestic violence charges–stalking, harassment, and phone harassment). But, thanks to a crazy ex-boyfriend, a lazy Seattle Police Department who took his reports and a strong willed new Seattle Municipal court prosecutor, I did. It was the absolute worst feeling in the world to lose control of my life. I know who I am, I know I didn’t do the things he’d alleged. At worst, we experienced an average bad breakup. I was confused, ticked and didn’t understand how I’d even wound up criminally charged. Given I had so much to lose, I interviewed nine lawyers before hiring one. I knew Greg was the right choice from the moment I met him. I trusted his intelligence and his compassion as it was evident from the very beginning. He wasn’t worried about money or watching the clock. He charged less than lawyers that I talked to that were not nearly as experienced. He didn’t tell me how or when I was going to have to settle. He told me I was in charge. I had control. We were working together towards what I wanted to have happen (an outright dismissal). Greg took my texts, emails, phone calls at all hours of the day. He always had time for me and always set expectations for what I would be experiencing in court and in the process. Greg also taught me a lot about our flawed legal system. Mainly, when it comes to domestic violence cases it’s pretty black and white: the city sees you as the bad guy and the other person as the “victim”. They don’t take into account evidence or nuances of relationships. Most of these cases never go to trial, so finding a lawyer who knows the law is one thing… an incredible negotiator is what you are actually looking for–Greg is definitely one. He knows the system and frontwards, backwards and upside down (he used to be a prosecutor which is another reason why I chose him). For example, at one point the prosecutor even attempted to add another charge that I’d violated the no contact order. Greg was instantly able to derail the prosecutor from adding this charge and eventually negotiated an outright dismissal in the interest of justice in my case. This was not an easy feat. Not only did he have to deal with a strong willed new prosecutor, he had to deal with me and I admit I had more than one freak out. He was there for me every step of the way, comforting me, calming me and literally reminding me to remember to breathe sometimes. You can bet 99 percent of lawyers do NOT care enough to do this. Greg has character you just don’t find and I know I had the best attorney out there on my case–the result just speaks for itself.

Great Lawyer

Posted by anonymous

Saad was great. He went out of this way to make sure the case was resolved to the best of my benefit. He appeared in court approximately 10 times and was prepared and professional each time. He continued to work on the case for over one year to get me the best resolution.

Fought for me during one of the most stressful periods of my life

Posted by Nick

I was wrongfully convicted of a misdemeanor crime by over-zealous Seattle police officers. I immediately contacted a few highly-rated lawyers, on Avvo, after entering a not guilty plea. Greg was the only one who personally called me the very next morning and outlined his plan of defense. His confidence and credentials really influenced me to retain his services over similarly rated lawyers. Greg was really helpful in the fact that I was a college student living out of Washington State. He was able to waive my presence at most hearings and pre-trial dates. He also was considerate of my own schedule. What really impressed me about Greg was his promptness. Any questions or concerns I had, were answered within a couple minutes. We communicated mostly through my preferred medium (e-mails and text messages) and he always answered within a few minutes. Throughout the whole ordeal he urged me not to stress and to continue living my life normally. I was comfortable knowing the situation was completely in his control. After lengthy negotiations with a pretty stubborn prosecutor, we were finally able to secure a favorable deal right before our scheduled trial. Greg was able to get my case conditionally dismissed, on the premise that I do a couple of standard court-ordered tasks. Prior to this, I have had no trouble with the law. Greg was a passionate advocate who fought diligently on my behalf. He was able to make one of the most stressful periods in my life go as smoothly as possible.

DUI case, with the best outcome that could be expected

Posted by anonymous

Greg was always prepared and always on top of everything. Anytime I had a question he got right back to me with a response or let me know where to find it. If he wasn’t able to make it to a court date, he made sure someone else was there to stand in. As frustrating as the whole process seemed most of the time, he had everything under control and ready, I really didn’t have to do too much except wait for the court’s decisions. He definitely was a big help the whole time.

Greg’s work

Posted by KB

Greg did an amazing job with my representation. I was charged with a DUI and after months of negotiating he was able to produce a great result that saved my career. He made the process as smooth as possible, addressing any worries or concerns I had. I am grateful for his representation and would recommend him to anyone facing a DUI.

Intelligent nad great negotiator

Posted by anonymous

Very intelligent and always there for you whether he is on his vacation or late afternoon to answer your questions. He knows many prosecutors and judges which would be a great benefit for you. I hope I don’t have to contact him again but if there is someone in my situation, I would highly recommend him. Thank you Greg.


Posted by Trisha

Greg exceeded my expectations. He was always professional, and listened to what i had to say. He stayed positive, which made me stay confident. Thanks again greg.

Fantastic Lawyer!

Posted by Marc

I was referred to Greg from one of my friends and I have to say he is really one of a kind. I’ve dealt with some other lawyers in the past and have always left not fully satisfied, and with a lot less money! Greg restored my belief that there are good attorneys out there. I actually had two cases, both of which Greg really helped me out with. He just gives you a feeling like you are his only client and that he is here to protect you. I am very happy with my choice!

Simply the best!

Posted by N.S.

Greg did an exceptional job for me. He was comforting, professional and easily accessible whenever I was looking to have my questions answered. When I first got my DUI, I thought my professional career would be over but he was able to work his magic and save my life. I highly recommend Greg to anyone in need of an exceptional DUI attorney.

Honest, professional and delivers GREAT results

Posted by anonymous

Greg demonstrated class and confidence in handling my case. As someone who never thought I would need a criminal defense attorney, I was very nervous about gaining good legal representation. Greg put all my fears to ease with his calm demeanor, professional outlook and clear experience in the field. He was always available and very quick to respond to any questions I had during the proceedings. Greg really is a class lawyer who totally delivered the results and outcome I was looking for – he got me a sweet deal for which I am very grateful. Anyone considering Greg for representation should be rest assured…you can’t go wrong with Greg! He’s a a fantastic attorney who will give you and your case the priority you deserve.

Thank you

Posted by anonymous

I found Greg while searching online for a qualified lawyer to help with my case. After meeting with Greg, I felt very confident that I had chosen the best lawyer for me. He was kind, empathetic, and professional. I am very appreciative of Greg’s services and would recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks so much, Greg!

Best Lawyer Ever!

Posted by anonymous

Greg represented me in my DUI matter about 6 months ago. He kept me up to date with what was going on in my matter and whenever I called his office, he answered my call promptly. He explained the legal process to me in a way that I could understand it, not having many dealings with the legal world previously. He was a great attorney and I would definitely use his services in the future.

What an Amazing Lawyer!!!

Posted by SA

Greg is one slick lawyer! He went above and beyond my wildest expectations…. We got the deal I was hoping for…I could not be more happy with his representation…I would highly recommend Greg to anyone in need!!!

Good Lawyer

Posted by Reggie

I would highly recommend Greg. He assisted me in my time of need. He was very professional and client-oriented and very knowledgeable about the law. I would recommend Greg without any hesitation.

The sky’s his limit

Posted by Frankie

Saad did an excelent job handling my case in a professional, prompt and efficient manner. He was there every step of the legal process. When I had questions he was thorough in his explaination in a manner I could understand. Best of all, no matter how busy he is he always interacts with you as if you’re his only priority.He makes you feel comfortable with all the high stress that accompanies many situations.

Outstanding Criminal Lawyer

Posted by EC

I would highly recommend Greg Schwesinger for anyone charged with a criminal offense in Washington State. He worked hard to achieve our desired result. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. He was personable and attentive in all matters and he put my mind at ease.

Professional, hardworking attorney. Thank you so much Greg!

Posted by anonymous

I would absolutely recommend Greg. He is a very knowledgeable, responsive, and hardworking attorney that is committed to a successful outcome. Greg got my charge dismissed in U.S federal Court and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend Greg to anyone.

Outstanding Attorney

Posted by B.S.

Hiring Greg was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. He got me a fabulous deal, and I couldn’t be happier. He was very intelligent and personable, and made me feel very much at ease. I would and have highly recommend Greg to everyone.

Greg made it possible when I felt it was hopeless. Thank you, Greg!

Posted by Elisabeth

Greg is confident, intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate, and very easy to communicate with. Because of his expertese, I was relieved of my charge which to me seemed impossibile. He always took time out of his busy schedule to answer my calls or messages, and his intent led directly to our desired result. I highly recommend Greg!!!!!

Greg’s professionalism is out standing!

Posted by anonymous

Greg’s professionalism is out standing! Greg was able to help our juvenile son in a time of need. He kept out family very calm with his positive approach and explained to us how the legal system works. He communicated with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who needs legal services. Thanks Greg for your care and support!

Thanks Greg!

Posted by Amy

I am truly thankful for Greg’s services. He is trustworthy, honest, respectful and very knowledgeable about WA law. I highly recommend him and I am so grateful for all he has done for me.

Very honest and dependable

Posted by Viki

Greg is very knowledgeable and what we liked is that he always kept in touch with us. He would even call us at night, or just to check in to make sure WE were okay… and that we understood EVERYTHING. I highly recomend this man. He is very personable, kind, cares for the "fine" details in everything. He would call to set our mind at ease. I can not say enough good things about this man.

Outstanding Attorney!!!

Posted by anonymous

When my son, who is a minor, received a DUI, I was so upset and shaken. I did not know where to turn. I contacted Greg Schwesinger at SQ Attorneys and I have never regretted my decision. Greg was so helpful at explaining the entire process to me. He worked with both my son and me to ensure that everyone understood all phases of the entire process. We were kept informed the entire time. If we needed to contact Greg, he was in touch with us the same day. In the courtroom, Greg is professionable and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to get my son’s DUI reduced to an MIP. We are so thankful. Hopefully we will never need to be in a situation in which we have to contact an attorney again, but if we do, we will definitely contact Greg Schwesinger again. He is the BEST!!!

Thoughtful, considerate, patient and strategic.

Posted by Edmond

Gregory approaches the situation calm, cool and collected…and refuses to let you worry or panic. He seemingly makes rough water calm. Things worked out the best they could for me. Thanks again!

An Oustatnding Lawyer

Posted by J

You would be lucky to have this attorney in your corner! Greg is what a good lawyer should be. Professional, punctual and dedicated. He did so much more than I expected. He never missed an appointment or a phone call. He has always done what he said he would with fantastic result. If you are looking for an attorney look no further.

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Aggressive Representation with the Utmost Degree of Integrity at All Times.

Posted by Jesse

I came to Greg over a year and a half ago completely scared and unsure of what to do. Greg took the time to meet with me on a Saturday because I just could NOT wait for the weekend to pass to get help. The moment I walked into his office and saw his "Wall of Shame" as he called it (I’ve never seen SO many awards on one man’s wall!), I immediately knew this was my guy. After talking to him I could tell right away that he was very professional and very smart. I felt so completely reassured that he was going to help me that I didn’t hesitate to secure him as my lawyer. The process was a lengthy one for me, but through every step of the way Greg kept me informed and involved, and I never doubted that he was doing the best he could, and that he was looking out for my best interests at all times. During the course of the process I experienced very little impact on my "life" except for the occasional court appearances; of which Greg always made sure to call and remind me of in advance, so I wouldn’t miss any. He always took the time to advise and reassure me during those calls as well- it was probably the only thing that got me through it. Life didn’t stop for me during the process, I went on to get accepted into College; I got married; and my wife became pregnant with our first child. All the while, Greg continued to fight for me and ensured me that not matter what, he was going to help see me through it. I’m pleased to say that we finally brought the matter to a close and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My life is still moving forward and thanks to all the time, dedication, and hard work of Greg Schwesinger things are still very good for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to any one, not only on a professional level, but also a personal one. My experience with him was positive during every phase of this process and I am confident that he can do the same for you. I would use him all over again if I had to, but I made a promise to him that this would NEVER happen again and I plan to stick to it! Thank you Greg.

My new lawyer of choice.

Posted by Jane Scott

I was referred to Greg and he was very helpful in my case. He is a very professional lawyer and I attribute the success of my case to him.

Great Job!

Posted by Alexander

Greg Schwesinger is an all around great attorney. He got me through what I consider the most stressful and difficult situation that I have had to deal with thous fare in my life. Greg was always calming and positive. When ever I had a question even as off the wall some might have been he had an answer. He knows the legal system extremely well and knows the in’s and out’s. I would definitely recommend Greg and I will.

Greg Went Above and Beyond

Posted by Mike

Had a case that was not looking very good at all. After talking with about 10 different Seattle area lawyers I decided to use Greg. Managed to get the main charge reduced and another charge which would have destroyed my career dismissed. I would recommend Greg Schwesinger as he can find ways to reduce the penalty or possibly dismiss it even if the evidence against a person is high. Good negotiation skills even though the prosecutor was a different person every time.

Thoughtful Help

Posted by anonymous

My first experience with a court case working through the legal system. Both Greg and his partner talked me down from a extremely stressed out state. Very kind, suggested strategic remedies, and used his knowledge of the courts and current personnel there for a result that worked.

Simply an all around great attorney

Posted by anonymous

He will treat you with respect and get you the best possible result. He is fair when it comes to rates and overly generous when it comes to quality.

Very Pleased Client

Posted by Taylor

Greg was very professional from day one. I felt like I could trust him to handle my DUI situation. He was honest with me and offered a lot of encouragement. He was able to get my charge reduced to a wreckless driving instead which I’m very grateful to him for. I recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a possible DUI situation that they hire Greg as their attorney because he’ll work hard to get the best possible outcome that he can. Thanks again Greg, I appreciate all that you did.

Great Lawyer. Patient and Thorough

Posted by anonymous

Saad worked with me in getting a 11 year old protection order removed. This took some time but he never once gave up like the attorney I hired before him who just took my money made one phone call and said sorry. Saad dug in and didn’t rush the process which may have jeopardized getting it removed. This took over a year but this was due to difficulty with the other party not on Saad’s part. I was very happy with the outcome and with Saad as a lawyer.


Posted by Tim

Greg was able to achieve higher expectations than I was even hoping for. After meeting with MANY different lawyers Greg seemed to be the best, and after having gone through the whole process I can say I am very pleased with Greg’s results

Highly Recommended

Posted by anonymous

When your personal freedom, reputation, and livelihood are at risk, hire Greg Schwesinger and SQ Attorneys.


Posted by anonymous

Saad represented me regarding a charge of driving without a valid operater’s licence. In just a few minutes he was able to reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor and further reduce the fine by more than half. Hire this guy. He honestly cares and is extremely friendly.

Very well informed

Posted by anonymous

I found that Greg was the most professional and competemt attorney that I have had the pleasure of working with. He returns phone calls immediately and no questions seems mundane to him. He was wonderful with my son and treated him with respect and you very much felt he cared and was in your corner. His knowledge was remarkable along with his people that he knows in the judicial system. I would recommend Greg to anyone who wants expert council with a conscience and genuine caring for the best possible outcome for his client

1st Class Attorney with a knockout record. 3 and 0 for me. Thanks Greg!

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Greg did a stand up job for me, all three times! His professionalism, determination, and well spoken ability saved me from major trouble. I would advise anyone needing legal help to use Greg. He knows a lot of the Prosecutors, and Judges which favors you in the ability to win your case, trust me I know. I would hire him again without a doubt!

Client Review

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Saad is by far the best attorney I have ever dealt with. He is consistently on time, very ethical, and informed. If you have a question he will answer it, if he doesnt know the answer he will find it. He is a phenomenal individual and an outstanding man. I would trust him wth my life and future now and always. The firm he is a part of is great as well, they are courtious and very nice, as well as motivated. Saad is an asset to the firm and to the world. I wish there were more people in the world with his charisma, and dedication to his clients, as well as his firm.

A great lawyer and person

Posted by anonymous

Greg helped me through a situation that I could not have done without him. He guided me through the steps and he get me the result that I didn’t dare to wish for. I would definately recommend him to anyone that makes the same mistake that I did. This guy can help you.

Intelligent, strategic approach to good results

Posted by anonymous

Greg has a masterful approach to his clients. He clearly outlined the "worst case" scenario in the initial meeting, but then helped me get through that and focused on resolution. Instead of reacting to court issues/challenges (and I have seen several attorneys do this), Greg was 3 steps ahead of the court and the judge. The result was better than I could have ever imagined and I give the credit to Greg for having the knowledge, know-how, and willingness to set limits for the prosecutor. Not only did Greg secure a great outcome, but he also sincerely cares about his clients and does everything he can to help ensure a positive outcome. I hope I never have to use Greg again, but if I have a friend or aquaintance who does, I would very, very strongly recommend him.