Monthly Archives: May 2019

Compounding a Problem – Never a Good Idea

It is never a good idea to compound an already bad situation. Apparently one woman didn’t get that proverbial memo. Earlier this month a 23-year-old woman was arrested and booked in King County for assaulting two law enforcement officers and driving while under the influence. A Probable Cause Statement indicates that police responded to the… Continue Reading »

SPD Response Questioned

Obviously, one clear telltale sign of DUI is erratic driving. This is so because alcohol and/or drugs compromise a person both physically and mentally. Well on Mother’s Day a few weeks back a Seattle couple witnessed just that, erratic driving in downtown Seattle. They witnessed the car blow through red lights and weave all over… Continue Reading »

New DUI Laws Proposed but Stalemated – For Now

DUI law and enforcement is always a ‘hot topic’ during Washington State legislative sessions, and this year was no exception. As usual, there were a few bills presented to toughen our state DUI laws. For example, one such bill proposed: (1) lengthening the amount of time convicted DUI drivers should be required to use ignition… Continue Reading »