Monthly Archives: December 2014

Marijuana Use Increased

Colorado emerged as the state with the second-highest percentage of regular marijuana users as it began legalizing the drug, according to a new national study. The Denver Post reports the study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found about 1 out of 8 Colorado residents older than 12 had used marijuana in… Continue Reading »

DUI and Distracted Driving, Neither are Good

As we all know, Washington prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. What perhaps is not so commonly known is that Washington State also prohibits (and aggressively enforces) distracted driving laws. In short, handheld cell phone use and texting is prohibited for all Washington drivers, and all cell phone use (handheld and… Continue Reading »

Puyallup Jail Allowed to Film Inmates Using Bathroom

The City of Puyallup did not violate anyone’s right to privacy when jail staff filmed inmates in various states of undress, according to a Thursday US District Court verdict.Last year 12 people — mostly women — argued their constitutional right to privacy was violated when jailhouse video captured them undressing or using the bathroom. The videos… Continue Reading »

On Your Mark, Get Set … DUI APP?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could definitively know if you had too many drinks to drive? Well in some states there is now a new cellphone app that may tell you just that, in Maryland it is called ‘ENDUI’. ENDUI is a federally funded app, and allows people to: (1) get an idea of… Continue Reading »

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Cowlitz Indian Tribe

A federal judge has sided with the Cowlitz Indian tribe in its long fight to establish a reservation and build a casino along Interstate 5 in southwest Washington. U.S. District Judge Barbara J. Rothstein in Washington, D.C., on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by plaintiffs who had challenged a federal government decision to put into… Continue Reading »

DV Tagedies Increase Government Involvement

For those of you who wonder why the government takes such a strong position on domestic violence, you need look no further than a tragic incident that took place on Thursday of last week. In Bothell a 48 year old woman was found with injuries from a box cutter. She ultimately died from those injuries… Continue Reading »

State Patrol Upgrades DUI Breath-Test Machines

The Washington State Patrol is replacing its old breath-test machines with sleek, fast, new $9,500 devices that are used to test drivers arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The State Patrol will be placing 83 of the new Dräger Alcotest 9510 machines in police and sheriff’s stations, jails and State Patrol… Continue Reading »

86 Year Old Drinks Brandy for Cough

An 86-year-old man who caused a three-car crash while driving the wrong way down I-5 November 24, 2014 admitted to drinking brandy beforehand to help with a cough, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court.   According to the Washington State Patrol, Panos Palas of University Place was driving north on southbound I-5… Continue Reading »