Monthly Archives: June 2014

Felony DUI = Greater Consequences

State lawmakers in Colorado recently proposed a bill that would have made repeat DUI offenses a felony, similar to our laws here in Washington State. However, for now, it appears the Colorado state legislature has rejected the proposal. Under the proposed law, anyone who would have been arrested for three drunk driving offenses in five… Continue Reading »

IID Subsidy Delimma

Not so shockingly, funding to help low-income DUI offenders in Washington afford ignition interlock devices has apparently dried up. The subsidy comes from fees paid by DUI offenders purchasing an ignition interlock device. Somehow, it appears, the money for the program was somehow funneled into a separate account for prison inmate treatment programs during the… Continue Reading »

DUI Checkpoints? We Shall See …

With the ever changing DUI laws in our state, one has to wonder how far off DUI check points are from again being on our Washington roadways.  Although our Washington state Constitution protects individual privacy interests in our homes and our private affairs, and although in 1988 our State Supreme Court held that sobriety checkpoints… Continue Reading »

Driving Patterns that can Lead to DUI

Word to the wise … virtually all Washington traffic enforcement officers are trained on how to detect and process DUI suspects. Many are in fact trained in accordance with National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards. Many years ago NHTSA compiled a list of certain “driving patterns” to alert police of potentially impaired drivers. NHTSA… Continue Reading »