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Criminal Lawyer – Criminal Background for Juvenile Defendants

When juveniles commit crimes, whether it’s shoplifting or assault and battery, their cases are typically heard in juvenile court, where the emphasis is on counseling and rehabilitation versus hard time. The common belief is that juveniles still have a lot of time to mature and become functioning members of society, along with concerns that adult… Continue Reading »

Will Reduced Troopers Impact Traffic Violations?

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Get vaccinated or lose their job – that was the decision many members of the Washington State Patrol (‘WSP‘) had to make. Well, as of a week ago 127 WSP employees had separated – in one format or another – from their positions with WSP. Of those employees, 67 were troopers. The question is, was… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – What is Money Laundering?

In the United States, a number of laws have been passed in order to prevent and punish money laundering activities. These laws were initially intended for use in combating the Mafia and other criminal organizations, though the focus subsequently shifted to the war on drugs, and later to anti-terrorist activity. The first such laws arose… Continue Reading »

Pull Over for the Police?

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When the red and blues go on … do yourself a favor and pull over. Getting cited is definitely a better option than being shot, which is what almost happened on Saturday night in Medina, Washington. Saturday, a Medina officer fired his gun at a hit-and-run driver who rammed the officer’s patrol car – never… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Cocaine Possession in Washington

Cocaine is an illegal drug in all states, with separate charges for possession, sale, and trafficking. Washington cocaine laws are similar to those in other states. Simple possession can result in a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Defendants with relatively clean criminal records may qualify for a first-time offender… Continue Reading »

Does WSP have a Diversity Issue?

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A Seattle Times editorial came out this week regarding diversity issues within the ranks of the Washington State Patrol (the “WSP”). The editorial, in short, postulated that the WSP needs to be more diverse, and that the diversity problems of the WSP stem from the psychological exam given to candidates. According to the editorial piece,… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Is Corporal Punishment Allowed in Washington?

Often times, we here at SQ Attorneys may receive a phone call from a parent inquiring about whether corporal punishment is allowed in Washington. Corporal punishment refers to the use of physical force — such as slapping, spanking, or hitting — as a means of discipline. Many states still allow public school teachers and administrators… Continue Reading »

How do I get a Police Report?

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As we meet with new clients each and every day, we at SQ Attorneys hear a common question: “How do I get a copy of my incident report?”  Well the answer is actually quite simple.  To obtain a copy of a police report, one need only contact the law enforcement agency that responded to the… Continue Reading »