Monthly Archives: June 2018

Alcohol/ Drugs and Crime

In criminal cases it is common to have facts that involve alcohol and/or drugs. This is so because both obviously inhibit, or otherwise cloud, judgment, and when that happens … well … things like driving under the influence, assaults and even thefts may seem ok to do in the moment. Poor decision making undoubtedly got… Continue Reading »

Licensing Change on the Horizon

Last year Washington lawmakers passed a measure creating a two-tiered licensing system. Jay Inslee – Washington State’s governor – thereafter signed the law into effect. As a result, starting September 4, 2018, all issued driver’s licenses and ID cards will have a new driver’s license number. All new cards will have WDL as the first… Continue Reading »

DUI Test Results – breath or blood

In DUI alcohol content cases there are two ways to get a ‘test result’. First, a breath test. Second, a blood test. Breath tests are more often than not conducted at a police precinct. Blood tests, on the other hand, are more often than not conducted at a hospital. Breath test results are obtained immediately… Continue Reading »

A Pilot’s Obligation

People from all walks of life can, and do, get cited for DUI in Washington State. Teachers, doctors, plumbers, and construction workers are but just yet a few of the many professions impacted. But what about aviation professionals 9 (i.e. Pilots), how are they impacted by a DUI citation? A drunk driving arrest does not… Continue Reading »