Monthly Archives: March 2016

Protected by the First Amendment

Our First Amendment can trump perceived criminal conduct, at least that is what one Washington State appeals court has recently ruled. The sordid facts of the case are as follows: A Bellingham High School student took to Twitter to express her anger toward a classmate. Referring to an incident that occurred between the two in… Continue Reading »

Transparency is Bliss

On March 8, 2016, the Washington Legislature passed a bill to keep police body-camera video footage available to the public, which is a good thing considering the current public outcry for law enforcement ‘transparency’. House Bill 2362: (1) sets rules on what type of body-camera video footage is presumed ‘private’; (2) sets up a task force to… Continue Reading »

Fifth DUI w/in 10 soon to be a Class B Felony

And the saga still continues … the government keeps ratcheting down on DUI’s in Washington State. In step with this continuing policy our state Legislature recently passed a bill that would raise penalties for felony-level driving under the influence convictions in Washington State. After clearing the House in February House Bill 2280 passed the Senate… Continue Reading »

Court Finds Lawful Exception

As many Seattle domestic violence lawyers know, the general rule is that warrantless searches and seizures are considered, per se, unreasonable. In line with this policy, a Washington State law enforcement officer conducting a traffic stop may not request identification from a passenger for investigatory purposes without an independent reason to justify the request. Such… Continue Reading »