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DUI Lawyer – What are Open Container Laws?

Having a driver’s license in the State of Washington is a privilege and not a right. Anyone with a driver’s license should know that drivers are not permitted to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The question that often arises is whether a passenger can drink alcohol in a car? Usually… Continue Reading »

Can My Actions Make Things Worse?

Earlier this month a woman in Bellevue was arrested for DUI. That fact alone isn’t too news worthy. What is news worthy, however, is that the woman ended up grabbing a hatchet from her car. She did this after she ran her car into two other vehicles and got into a confrontation with a witness… Continue Reading »

Seattle DUI Lawyer – What is a Field Sobriety Test?

We here at SQ Attorneys focus our practice on Driving Under the Influence charges. When detained on a DUI charge, one of the questions that will be asked is whether you want to submit to a field sobriety test, or otherwise known as the FST. Field sobriety tests, are used to enforce DUI laws and… Continue Reading »

How Will New Sheriff Change Policing in King County?

SQ Attorneys

Earlier this week King County Executive Dow Constantine announced the commencement of a nationwide search for our next King County sheriff. Regardless of this move, the current King County sheriff refuses to resign. Previously, King County’s sheriff was an elected position decided by voters. However, a slew of charter amendments approved during 2020’s election changed… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorney – What the Heck Is Homicide by Abuse!!??

The state of Washington has a very narrow category of homicide that is age-specific. Known as “homicide by abuse,” a person can commit this crime when, under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life, but not necessarily creating a grave risk of death, a person causes the death of a vulnerable individual. Under the… Continue Reading »

Will SPD staffing Shortages Impact City Crime?

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The City of Seattle has elected to offer hiring bonuses to prospective employees of the Seattle Police Department and 911 dispatch in order to address staffing shortage created by those employees choosing to not get vaccinated. How will the shortage and interim coverage period impact citizen safety in Seattle? That is a good question. There… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – How Do I Get Out of Jail?

Upon an arrest in the State of Washington, there is probably just one thing going through your head, which is getting out! This is generally accomplished by posting “bail,” which usually consists of cash or a piece of property with cash value that you give to the court in return for your promise to show… Continue Reading »

How will OCA’s Audit Impact SMC Probation?

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Recently the Office of the City Auditor (‘OCA‘) reviewed the Seattle Municipal Court (‘SMC‘) Probation Department, which was developed to be a post-adjudication jail alternative. The probation department consists of counselors that are paired with clients (previously identified as ‘defendants’) in an effort to help them navigate their court ordered obligations. What came of OCA’s… Continue Reading »