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DUI Attorneys – A Circumstance not so Exigent

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Some interesting search and seizure case law came down last week.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that exigent circumstances does not always apply to a fleeing driver and an officer’s authority to invade the sanctity of one’s home.  The case arose from a police officer’s warrantless entry into a person’s garage after the officer heard… Continue Reading »

DUI Lawyers – DUI Tech Advancements

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Technology is always advancing. That truth is no different in the field of DUI defense. As has been the case since cars and alcohol/ drugs collided, technology to reduce drunken driving continues to evolve. What sometimes slows the progress down, however, is all the bureaucratic ‘red tape’. Notwithstanding the foregoing, earlier this month the Automotive… Continue Reading »

Criminal Attorneys – Justice Served?

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Late last month it became clear law enforcement has come up with a new (and perhaps controversial) way to deal with drivers who slow down to gawk at accidents – cite them for driving negligently. This is what they did to a woman they say held up traffic in order to take pictures and video… Continue Reading »

Body Cams are the Rage

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Police accountability remains a very hot topic in-and-around the state and the country. One accountability method being pushed is body-worn cameras. However, one significant issue being raised is the costs of the devices. Many counties and municipalities simply can’t afford them. The Redmond City Council is weighing that very issue, as it ponders whether to… Continue Reading »

Criminal Lawyer – Addiction, Crime and KCDDC

A very good editorial opinion was posted in the Seattle Times on June 1, 2021 –  When crimes mix with addiction, drug court offers solutions. It was written by Judge Lum of the King County Superior Court, and Christina Mason, program manager for the King County Drug Court. The piece covered the convergence of State… Continue Reading »