Monthly Archives: October 2014

Things to Consider when Cited for DUI

Potential DUI clients who visit with us for the first time often ask us similar questions. One such question is, “What can I do to show that I am taking this seriously?” Greg and I answer this question the same way each and every time, immediately attend a DUI Victims Panel. Attending a DUI Victim’s Panel helps… Continue Reading »

Ever Evolving Laws

Could there be a change in the future to Washington State’s texting while driving law? The law, as written, may be a bit outdated according to a Washington’s State Traffic Safety Commission. Currently, the law is not specific enough to deal with surfing the net, checking emails or sending instant messages on one’s phone because… Continue Reading »

The Crackdown Continues

Accidents, injuries and overall carnage are what keep causing the government’s aggressive policy to ‘crackdown’ on DUI’s. Case in point, on the evening of September 20th a driver in West Seattle was booked into custody after a multiple-scene crash north of Morgan Junction. The first part of the accident was on the southbound side of… Continue Reading »