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DUI's, CPS and the Law

DUI’s are no doubt serious, but getting a DUI with a minor under the age of 16 in the vehicle is even more serious. Not only do the punitive consequences increase significantly, Washington’s Child Protective Services (CPS) will also get involved. This is so because RCW 46.61.507 requires that any time a person is arrested… Continue Reading »

The Deterrence Effect

As is becoming seemingly clearer by the day, DUI’s are a real ‘hot button’ in Washington State; the State of Washington is uber serious about reducing incidents of impaired driving. In fact, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission has specifically stated that it is working on ways to “increase impaired driving arrests” and “improve prosecution” of… Continue Reading »

Mandated Arrest and RCW 10.31.100

What many unassuming folks seem to be invariably shocked to find out is that, pursuant to RCW 10.31.100(2)(c), police officers responding to an incident of domestic violence are mandated by law to make an arrest if the officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence assault or other serious domestic violence offense took… Continue Reading »

DV 101

As is well known by Seattle domestic violence attorneys, law enforcement agents, in certain domestic violence situations, are required to make an arrest. In these situations, an officer will arrest the person whom he believes is the primary aggressor. Once the person is formerly charged with domestic violence, a judge often imposes a no contact… Continue Reading »