Monthly Archives: September 2018

One Way … Or the Other

A Florida man was bound to go down one way or another. Either the carcinogenic smoke from his cigarettes, or the 14 felonies and 31 misdemeanor convictions he was saddled with was going to sink his proverbial ship. In this case, it was the 15th felony conviction for stealing $600 worth of cigarettes from a… Continue Reading »

A Seattle Ordinance in the Works

As has been widely noted over the past few weeks and months, the City of Seattle is looking at ways to promote safer gun storage. This comes amid continued concerns over rampant and – as some perceive – escalating gun violence. In its effort, and pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 10.79 and acting under… Continue Reading »

HOV Cheaters Beware

As anyone who drives in Western Washington knows … traffic can be a real bear. It can often involve hours of sitting and lots of stop and go movement. Of course, this is the primary reason we have high-occupancy (HOV) lanes; HOV lanes are meant to provide a faster travel option by encouraging carpooling, vanpooling… Continue Reading »

Out of Court Statements

In criminal law trials hearsay evidence is generally not allowed unless it falls within an exception to the hearsay rule as provided for under Evidence Rule 801. Recently, however, a Washington appeals court considered whether a victim’s statement to a police officer was appropriately admitted into evidence. The case involved a couple living together who… Continue Reading »