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Move Over it is the Law

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This past weekend … like many weekends to come … there was a statewide ‘slow down, move over’ emphasis patrol being conducted by law enforcement. The emphasis patrol was aimed at highlighting Washington’s “Move Over Law,” which requires drivers to slow down and move over if they see an Emergency or Work Zone on the… Continue Reading »

To Chalk or Not

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Is the practice of chalking tires to monitor parking legal? That debate is now at hand due to some crafty arguments raised by two Michigan lawyers.  On Monday a three federal judge panel unanimously ruled that the police practice of chalking tires was unconstitutional because it violates the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and… Continue Reading »

420 DUI Arrests

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This past weekend law enforcement agencies in Snohomish County conducted widespread emphasis patrols. Representatives from Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Lynnwood Police Department, Mountlake Terrace Police Department, Lake Stevens Police Department, Edmonds Police Department, Everett Police Department, and the Washington State Patrol conducted high visibility patrols throughout Snohomish County. The 420 marijuana and alcohol emphasis patrols… Continue Reading »

Is Collusion a Crime?

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines collusion as “secret cooperation for an illegal or dishonest purpose,” but Webster’s New World College Dictionary calls it “a secret agreement for fraudulent or illegal purpose; conspiracy.” According to Black’s Law Dictionary, collusion is “a deceitful agreement or compact between two or more persons, for the one party to bring an… Continue Reading »

Prosecutorial Discretion

Prosecutors have the power to decide whether or not to charge a particular defendant and which charges to file. This rather broad power is called “prosecutorial discretion.” Under this power, prosecutors also have the authority to enter into plea bargains with a defendant, which can result in the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge… Continue Reading »

One Bad Plan

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What is a bad idea? What is something that can only make things worse? Well, dragging a police officer down the street after you find out that he is arresting you certainly fits that bill. Undoubtedly one Washington driver is going to eventually find that out soon enough. Police in Burlington are looking for the… Continue Reading »

Explaining Statutory Rape

Statutory rape refers to sexual relations involving someone below the “age of consent.” People who are underage cannot legally consent to having sex, so any form of sexual activity with them violates the law. This is true even in situations where they signal their agreement. While the crime is popularly called statutory rape, many states… Continue Reading »

New Speed Limit Posted on a Section of I-5

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South end commuters be forewarned, as of today the speed limit essentially between the Tacoma Mall and the Tacoma Dome has temporarily been cut to 50 mph. The new speed limit will extend a total of 6 miles southbound and 5 miles northbound and goes from the I-5, Highway 16 junction to just across the… Continue Reading »

Jury of Peers

While it isn’t specifically stated anywhere in the Constitution, criminal defendants generally have the right to be tried by “a jury of peers.” You may be wondering what exactly that entails. Contrary to popular belief, defendants are not entitled to a jury containing members of their own race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. So what… Continue Reading »

Rash of Thefts Lead to Crackdown

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Over the past two months detectives with the Seattle Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force along with officers of the North and South Anti-Crime Teams arrested at least 33 suspects in a series of operations targeting property crime (i.e. Theft) in around Aurora Avenue North and the SODO district. On the north end of Seattle,… Continue Reading »