Monthly Archives: September 2015

New law now in Effect

Pursuant to House Bill 1276, a new open container law regarding marijuana went into effect on September 26, 2015; the law was signed into effect by Governor Jay Inslee on June 30, 2015, and requires Washington drivers to remove roaches from their motor coaches. House Bill 1276, updates Washington’s open container law by now including marijuana,… Continue Reading »

A Better Way to Incentivize?

In Washington State driving under the influence (“DUI”) has become increasingly taboo over the years. The government has made a concerted effort to stop people from drinking and driving. As a point of emphasis, Washington (unlike other states in our union, i.e. Oregon) actually does not convict or punish a person for riding a bicycle… Continue Reading »

I’m Not Going To Jail! But I’m On Probation?

You have just pled guilty to a criminal charge and the Judge has suspended all of the jail time but has placed you on active probation. Congratulations! You are not going to jail but are you wondering what probation is? Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence that allows a person convicted of a… Continue Reading »

DV impacts Right to Bear Arms

The tragedy at Marysville-Pilchuck High School last October wherein Jaylen Fryberg killed himself and several classmates resulted, in part, from the actions of his father. Jaylen fatally shot his friends and himself in the school cafeteria last fall. He used one of his father’s firearms in the incident. Now Jaylen’s father, Raymond, is facing six… Continue Reading »

Predictor of Crime?

Should our legal system consider a person’s low resting heart rate (“RHR”) as a mitigating factor in lessening punishment for crimes? Scientists say they can now identify young men who are nearly 50 percent more likely than their peers to become violent criminals via a basic heart rate test. The test measures a person’s resting… Continue Reading »

The Jury Found Me Guilty! Can I Appeal??

Each and every criminal defendant has certain constitutional rights, the most important being the right to have a jury of his or her own peers decide whether they are guilty or innocent of the alleged crime. Taking a case to trial is a risky proposition for those participating, especially for the criminal defendant involved in… Continue Reading »

I’m Charged with a Crime … Am I Going to Jail?

Every day in courts throughout the United States, defendants are sentenced to crimes. Many times the defendant will be sentenced to jail or prison, and sometimes the respective Judge may impose jail alternatives. Sentences for a criminal conviction can take many forms, and a conviction doesn’t always mean a trip to jail or prison. Alternative… Continue Reading »

SR-22 … Not just a State Route

Anyone who is convicted of a DUI or a Reckless Driving charge in Washington state unfortunately loses their privilege to drive for some period of time. It can be 30 days. It can be 4 years. When the person is finally eligible to reinstate their Washington driving privilege, they must first obtain, and then maintain… Continue Reading »