Monthly Archives: December 2010

Fighting to Maintain the Integrity of Our Criminal Justice System

Seattle DUI attorneys and Seattle criminal defense lawyers alike spend their careers defending those individuals accused of committing crime in Washington State. It is a tough job – battling the government and protecting the principles of our constitution, both state and federal. Generally the odds are not in a defendant’s favor. Sometimes even the innocent… Continue Reading »

Bigger Penalties come 2011 – Make Room for those Emergency Vehicles

On January 1, 2011, Washington State’s new “Emergency Zone Law” goes into affect. This new law builds upon the “Move Over Law” (effective 2007), and authorizes the imposition of hefty penalties for drivers who: (1) speed past emergency vehicles stopped on Washington State roadways and/or (2) fail to give first-responders more room on Washington State… Continue Reading »

DUI's on the Increase

DUI prosecutions in Seattle, Everett and Tacoma are on the rise; DUI numbers seem to be increasing each and every year. DUI laws are tougher than ever and prosecutors and law enforcement agencies are taking a “zero-tolerance” policy to drunk driving. Special DUI enforcement units have even been (and are continuing to be) created all… Continue Reading »

The Harsh Realities of Being on Probation

When a person is convicted of either a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor in Washington State he is generally put on probation with the court. The probationary period can be up to two – five years depending on the type of crime alleged. For example, a conviction for theft usually carries with it a two year… Continue Reading »