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Procedures and Protocols; Protocols and Procedures

Currently in Washington State law enforcement agents processing a person for DUI use the BAC Datamaster and BAC Datamaster CDM machines to obtain breath samples. In any given DUI case one of the central issues is whether a breath test is admissible into evidence and if so … what weight should be given to the… Continue Reading »

A DUI Conviction – jail is not the only punishment

A DUI conviction does not just mean jail time, it also means hefty fines, costs, fees and assessments from the court. And these fees do not include attorney fees, alcohol/drug assessment costs, or costs for alcohol/ drug classes, victim’s panels. Following are just some (certainly not all) costs that folks need to consider when facing a… Continue Reading »

A DUI Conviction WILL result in Confinement – it is the law

It appears that based on recent court experiences some folks seem to not understand that being convicted of a DUI will result in some type of confinement regardless of whether the person is a good person or whether he has no prior criminal history. The court does not have discretion; by law, a conviction for… Continue Reading »

Holiday Emphasis Patrols Continue

This wonderfully long 4th of July weekend is not quite over, and either are law enforcements’ DUI emphasis patrols. The patrols shall continue through the weekend … and probably beyond. As it is every year, it is a busy time for law enforcement. In fact due to the higher volumes of on duty officers it is… Continue Reading »