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Oh No! Not a DUI Accident!??

Every DUI case comes down to two major pieces of evidence against your client. One is a field sobriety test, and the other is the Breathalyzer test, also known as the BAC test if your client chose to take it. So as a Seattle DUI Lawyer, you have to be able to defend your client’s… Continue Reading »

Increased DUI Fees on the Horizon?

Seattle DUI attorneys and Bellevue DUI attorneys alike are on notice that Washington lawmakers are considering charging those convicted of DUI, Vehicular Assault/ Homicide (or sentenced to a lesser charge, or granted a deferred prosecution) higher state fees in the not so distant future. The increased fees would be used to crack down on repeat… Continue Reading »

Power Struggle – Feds v. States

How much power does the federal government have to regulate matters that are ordinarily left up to the states unto themselves? That is the question the United States Supreme Court grappled with on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. The case giving rise to this issue involved a domestic violence dispute in which a Pennsylvania woman did… Continue Reading »

Don’t Let Them Forfeit WhatsYours!

The Government can seize your property even if you did not commit a crime using the state and federal civil forfeiture statutes. Many times the government will take large amounts of cash just because a drug sniffing dog alerted to the money. Contact the Seattle Criminal Lawyers at SQ Attorneys when faced with a forfeiture… Continue Reading »

“Z” is the Word, is the Way, is the Motion?

Seattle DUI attorneys and Bellevue DUI attorneys alike may soon need to start advising folks of another consequence for being convicted of DUI in Washington State. Legislation has been introduced by Rep. Norma Smith, Republican, Clinton, that if passed would require Washington State drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence to have a special… Continue Reading »

The Felony Impact

A felony conviction in WA allows the state, individuals, and organizations the legal right to discriminate against you. The textbook penalties of felony prosecutions are the punishment ranges for this sort of offenses, which include fine and prison. However felonies act as trap doors as a consequence of the heaps of the collateral civil statutes… Continue Reading »

The Absurdity of it All

There are times when Seattle criminal defense attorneys and Seattle DUI attorneys are summoned to take on a case that most of the general public would feel was absurd, a total waste of taxpayer money. When the factual scenarios are outlined, laymen frequently ask, “Why is that case clogging up our court system?” Unfortunately, the… Continue Reading »

Shall I plead out?

After you are arrested for a DUI, you may feel that your case is hopeless and that you should just plead guilty. This is especially true if you agreed to a breath test that revealed a high blood alcohol level. However, it is important to consult with a Seattle DUI attorney to discuss your case… Continue Reading »

Target Zero at it Again

Seattle DUI attorneys and Bellevue DUI attorneys alike may see an influx of phone calls over the coming weeks. That is because Washington State Patrol’s “Target Zero” program has targeted Super Bowl Sunday for another DUI emphasis patrol. Target Zero intends to deploy nearly three dozen officers from the State Patrol, the Seattle Police and… Continue Reading »