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Domestic Violence, Protecting Your Rights

In Washington State, domestic violence related allegations are extremely pervasive. Outside of DUI charges, domestic violence related crimes are probably the most widely filed criminal charge in our Washington State district and municipal courts. Many alleged domestic violence situations result in not just one, but multiple charges being leveled against an accused. It is extremely common… Continue Reading »

Protocols and Principles, a Difference Maker

In Washington State DUI cases police officers are not only required by law to follow specific “protocols” but are also required to follow state and federal constitutional principles when making a DUI stop and/or arrest. The following are but a few examples of the protocols and/or principles that law enforcement officers must follow. First, a… Continue Reading »

Drinking and Driving? You Have Been Targeted!

Washington State Patrol’s “Target Zero” campaign kicked off in earnest on July 1, 2010. Target Zero is a DUI emphasis patrol campaign which involves three dozen law enforcement officers and a group of traffic prosecutors from the Washington State Counties of King, Pierce and Snohomish; the program was ushered in with a five million dollar grant from… Continue Reading »

The Disorder Caused by No Contact Orders

Domestic violence is a pervasive and extremely serious criminal allegation in Washington State. The sheer seriousness of domestic violence related crimes in Washington State often results in voluminous probationary conditions being imposed on those convicted of domestic violence. One such condition that is routinely imposed by Washington State courts is a No Contact Order. A… Continue Reading »

Impact of a Criminal Conviction – it can hurt your bottom line

If you have been, or you are facing the prospect of being, convicted of a crime in Washington State, you may be curious to know whether you will be able to find gainful employment or quality housing. Employers and rental property owners are becoming increasingly more concerned about knowing whether applicants have criminal records. Undoubtedly part… Continue Reading »

Don’t be Identified – Avoid Identity Theft

One of the most common white-collar crimes in Washington State is identity theft. It should go without saying, identity theft in Washington State is considered a very serious crime; often an identity theft allegation results in criminal charges being filed in the federal (not state) court system. Identity theft can happen in many different ways, but… Continue Reading »