Drivers' License Suspension Leads to Blow-and-Go

When dealing with the consequences of a Washington state DUI what a layman may not quite understand is that part of any DUI sentence is the absolute requirement of obtaining and maintaining an ignition interlock device. The device, in layman’s terms, is called a ‘blow-and-go’ (hereinafter, “IID”). It is a device a driver has to blow into to get his car started and to keep it running. The real question that pops up over and over again in the world of DUI law is: ‘what if I don’t have or own a car?’ Well the short answer is if the incident which lead to your DUI or physical control conviction occurred on or after June 9, 2016 you will not be able to get re-licensed until you comply with the IID requirement as outlined in RCW 46.20.720.

The foregoing is true because the 2016 amendments to RCW 46.20.720 place at least a one-year IID requirement on any DUI or Physical Control conviction. See RCW 46.61.5055 and 46.20.720, A person can “wait-out” the actual license suspension without getting an IID, but the post-conviction, post-suspension IIDSobriety Test - Skeptical requirement (as of 6/9/16) will stay alive as long as the person does, see RCW 46.20.720(3) – duration of restriction. In short, if the person doesn’t want a drivers’ license there is no problem – don’t get an IID. However, if the person ever wants to reinstate his driving privilege, or get a drivers’ license, the person must comply with the post-conviction, post-suspension IID requirement.

Any person accused of DUI of Physical Control should consult with a qualified Seattle DUI attorney. A qualified and respected Seattle DUI lawyer, among other things, can quite possibly save the aggrieved thousands of dollars in court and insurance fees, the extent of loss of privilege to drive, and the amount of jail time to be served. Washington traffic laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart and consult with a qualified and skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for an alcohol and/or drug related DUI in Washington State.

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