Benefits of a Plea Deal

glasses on bookWe at SQ Attorneys have often been asked, ‘why would a prosecutor cut a plea deal on my case; why don’t I just plead guilty and get this over with?’ Although there may be several reasons a prosecutor may want to resolve a case rather than take the case before a jury, the most obvious reason is “judicial economy.” You see, neither the court nor the court can handle the actual volume of cases within the judicial system. To take every case to trial would virtually paralyze the process, and quite simply … is not tenable.

You see, it can actually take months or even years for a case to go to trial on a judge’s crowded calendar, and a plea bargain means one less case in the system. This is good not only judicially but also economically because our court system is paid for by our hard earned tax-paying dollars. Further, plea bargains free up jail and prison space for more dangerous criminals. Prosecutors (like criminal defense attorneys) also have busy-overloaded caseloads so they often have to do a form of triage, similar to that of a hospital emergency room – they have to pick and choose which cases to focus their energy on, and they have to prioritize their caseload. A reasonable plea bargain allows prosecutors to quickly deal with lesser offenses, and it may also put a prosecutor in a more positive light with the presiding judge who appreciates the prosecutor’s efforts to keep the calendar moving and fluid.

In short, plea negotiations and ‘deals’ may be best for all the parties involved – the defendant, the court and the prosecutor. For the defendant it could mean a conviction for a lesser charge, less consequences and penalties. For the court it lessens court congestion and for the prosecutor a more balanced caseload.

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