Daylight DUI Arrests on the Rise

The Washington State Patrol is warning motorists to be on the lookout for drunk drivers after a series of daylight DUI arrests in recent days.

The most recent case came Tuesday morning when a woman was pulled over in Olympia and found with a blood-alcohol level of more than three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

Trooper Guy Gill said a state trooper was heading across the Custer Avenue bridge over Interstate 5 on his way to a new assignment when he spotted a car heading down the street with its driver’s side scraping along against the concrete barrier.

The trooper turned on his flashers and the car came to a stop. He walked up to the car and the woman behind the wheel was surprised to see him because she thought her car was still moving.

“The driver actually thought the vehicle was still rolling, so she was highly intoxicated,” Gill said. Her breath test revealed that she was well over three times the legal limit.

“And this was not even 11 oclock in the morning,” he said. “So you can see she had no business even remotely close to being behind the wheel of a vehicle, and that was very obvious to the trooper when he made contact with that driver.”

Gill said troopers have arrested eight drivers for DUI during daylight hours in Olympia alone over the past two weeks.

“DUI is not just a nighttime issue. It is a 24/7 problem and we’re always encouraging motorists to call in if they see someone who could be an impaired driver,” he said.

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