The Crackdown Continues

Accidents, injuries and overall carnage are what keep causing the government’s aggressive policy to ‘crackdown’ on DUI’s. Case in point, on the evening of September 20th a driver in West Seattle was booked into custody after a multiple-scene crash north of Morgan Junction. The first part of the accident was on the southbound side of California street, where the driver is allegedly to have hit a cab (ironically being patroned by folks choosing to not drink and drive). The second part of the accident was on the eastbound side of SW Raymond, where the driver allegedly went over a traffic circle, and came to a stop after hitting a parked car between 42nd and 41st.

Initially it was believed that no one was injured. However, upon further review the passengers in the taxi apparently may have suffered a concussion and a bad sprain, respectively. The driver, 39 years old, spent five and a half hours in jail before getting out on bail and now faces DUI, Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment charges. It is very clear that these types of incidents are the very types that the government is concerned about, and it is equally clear that they are ‘sending a message’ by their seemingly draconian prosecution policies.

In short, it is quit clear that Washington DUI laws are simply getting a lot tougher. Be smart when arrested for DUI, immediately seek the assistance of a Seattle DUI lawyer. A qualified and trained Seattle DUI attorneys will sift through the myriad and numerous defenses in a Washington DUI case. So if facing a DUI, do not go it alone, and do not just hire some ‘general’ practitioner. Washington DUI laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart … hire a qualified, skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for DUI in Washington State.

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