Ever Evolving Laws

Could there be a change in the future to Washington State’s texting while driving law? The law, as written, may be a bit outdated according to a Washington’s State Traffic Safety Commission. Currently, the law is not specific enough to deal with surfing the net, checking emails or sending instant messages on one’s phone because it was written before smart phones were all the rage. Simply put, the technology wasn’t available when the original law was written in 2007.

The Traffic Safety Commission wants the law to say drivers can use mobile devices only when a car is pulled off the road, in a position where the car can remain, or otherwise stay, stationary. The commission wants to ban any form of holding a phone while operating a motor vehicle. The law in its current form is not specific enough and may permit for use of a cell phone if it is held at a distance or the speaker is engaged.

If approved, the changes would permit the state to be eligible for additional federal funds to help states pay for distracted driving education and more enforcement campaigns, and we all know how much our state government loves federal subsidizing.

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