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DUI and Distracted Driving, Neither are Good

As we all know, Washington prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. What perhaps is not so commonly known is that Washington State also prohibits (and aggressively enforces) distracted driving laws. In short, handheld cell phone use and texting is prohibited for all Washington drivers, and all cell phone use (handheld and… Continue Reading »

On Your Mark, Get Set … DUI APP?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could definitively know if you had too many drinks to drive? Well in some states there is now a new cellphone app that may tell you just that, in Maryland it is called ‘ENDUI’. ENDUI is a federally funded app, and allows people to: (1) get an idea of… Continue Reading »

DV Tagedies Increase Government Involvement

For those of you who wonder why the government takes such a strong position on domestic violence, you need look no further than a tragic incident that took place on Thursday of last week. In Bothell a 48 year old woman was found with injuries from a box cutter. She ultimately died from those injuries… Continue Reading »

Portable Breath Test for Marijuana on the Way?

The State of Washington has long had an ability to legally test a person’s breath for alcohol. Now it is searching for ways to test a person’s breath for Marijuana. Currently a team at Washington State University is feverishly working to develop a breath test that could quickly determine whether a driver is under the… Continue Reading »

The Right Judge Could Make all the Difference

Recently Greg and I were asked if a case could be moved to another court, or at least could a new judge be appointed to the case. Well … moving the case to a different court house was probably not in the cards, but getting a new judge … that possibly could have been done. Why? Well there is… Continue Reading »

SR that 22; Darn License Suspensions!

When a person is cited for DUI in Washington State, he faces the prospect of losing his privilege to drive. If the person is ‘convicted’ in a criminal court for DUI he will lose his privilege to drive in Washington, and if he either (1) losses an administrative hearing held by the Department of Licensing,… Continue Reading »

Electronic Tickets Coming to Seattle

By sometime this next Summer a new ticketing system will be up and running in Seattle; Seattle police, in short order, will no longer be writing traffic tickets per se, but rather will be using an electronic system to dole out and/ or issue traffic tickets. Law enforcement agents in Seattle claim the new electronic ticketing system… Continue Reading »

Restoration of Rights

Although in Washington you have the right to have a court restore your right to possess firearms if you have a conviction for a domestic-violence misdemeanor, federal law authorities do not recognize such a court order. Thus, an individual could be in a position where his possession of firearms does not violate Washington state law,… Continue Reading »

Do Not Eat the Evidence!

Note to self – eating DUI evidence is probably not going to solve my problem; the government can still proceed on criminal charges against me. Apparently a DUI suspect in New York thought otherwise. According to NYPD, a 40 year old man is now facing multiple criminal charges after he tried to eat his DUI… Continue Reading »

Things to Consider when Cited for DUI

Potential DUI clients who visit with us for the first time often ask us similar questions. One such question is, “What can I do to show that I am taking this seriously?” Greg and I answer this question the same way each and every time, immediately attend a DUI Victims Panel. Attending a DUI Victim’s Panel helps… Continue Reading »