How do I get a Police Report?

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SQ Attorneys

As we meet with new clients each and every day, we at SQ Attorneys hear a common question: “How do I get a copy of my incident report?”  Well the answer is actually quite simple.  To obtain a copy of a police report, one need only contact the law enforcement agency that responded to the incident. For instance, if a person was cited or arrested by a deputy employed by the King County Sheriff’s Office, he should go online and file a public disclosure request with the King County Sheriff’s Department.  If a person, on the other hand, was cited or arrested by a trooper employed by the Washington State Patrol, he should go online and file a public disclosure request with the Washington State Patrol.  The applicable sites are: , and , respectively.  Usually incident reports will be provided within 5 – 14 days.  Sometimes it can take a bit longer, but if that happens usually the government agency will notify you of the delay and the anticipated time frame of delivery.  .  If someone is looking for court records,and not a police incident report, he should contact the court where the case was handled, not the law enforcement agency that handled the case.  Generally, the courts will get court documents to a requester on the same date as the request.  The Washington rules for public disclosure can be found at RCW 42.56.

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