Criminal Lawyer – Is Corporal Punishment Allowed in Washington?

Often times, we here at SQ Attorneys may receive a phone call from a parent inquiring about whether corporal punishment is allowed in Washington. Corporal punishment refers to the use of physical force — such as slapping, spanking, or hitting — as a means of discipline. Many states still allow public school teachers and administrators to use corporal punishment. In 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed the legality of disciplinary corporal punishment in public schools.

Corporal punishment means intentionally causing physical pain to a student. It was outlawed in Washington in 1994. The ban on corporal punishment does not include situations where a school staff person uses physical force necessary to maintain order or to prevent a student from harming himself or herself, other students, school staff, or property.

Teachers and school administrators can use a variety of methods to discipline students. Here are some examples: 1) Send a student home early; 2) Require a conference with the teacher or Principal; 3) Refer the student for outside help such as counseling or a drug and alcohol evaluation; 4) Impose an in-school suspension or detention that separates the student from other students; 5) Immediately remove the student from school on an emergency expulsion; 6) Suspend the student for a certain number of days; 7) Expel the student for an indefinite number of days and/or 8) Call the police or make a referral to juvenile court if a crime is alleged to have been committed.

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