Blood Alcohol Limits to be Reduced?

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As many may now know, Washington State Senators have proposed a bill to lower the state’s legal blood alcohol limit for drivers. Currently it is .08%. They propose lowering the legal limit to .05%. They also have voiced concern over the yearlong backlog of blood tests at the state’s toxicology lab. This is so, because many cases have not been filed pending those results, and the drivers of those results are still driving – unabated. The backlog used to only be 60-90 days, but that has ballooned over the past several years due to several factors.

The only state that currently has a .05% blood alcohol limit is Utah. Senators in Washington apparently want to follow suit and send a message to drivers in Washington to refrain from driving even after having a single drink. It will be interesting to see how things play out. The lower blood alcohol level initiative so far seems to have political support from both Republicans and Democrats alike. Even Governor Inslee has pushed for the bills passage. One thing is for sure, if the level does in fact go to .05%, that is tantamount to a law that stands for do not drink and drive, period.

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