Stronger Domestic Violence Protections on the Horizon?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

House Bill 1715 is moving forward, as it has now passed out of committee in the Washington State House of Representatives. The bill is aimed at enhancing existing services and protections for domestic violence victims. The main components of the bill include starting up a lethality assessment hotline, strengthening civil protection orders, expanding GPS monitoring for offenders, and creating right to counsel for low-income survivors, among other things. The bill would require courts to get protection orders to law enforcement the same day they are issued, rather than by the next court day. It would also require that police attempt to serve the protection order within 24 hours, unless an emergency prohibits the feasibility of that obligation. GPS tracking of offenders would also be used as an oversight tool in all jurisdictions. In short, the components of the bill make it one of the most thorough, original and comprehensive bills in the entire nation.

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