Unconstitutional Racial Bias in Jury Selection?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

The Washington Supreme Court has become an institutional leader in seeking to eliminate unconstitutional racial bias in our jury selection process. There is no better evidence of this than General Rule 37, which states in its Policy and Purpose section – “the purpose of this rule is to eliminate the unfair exclusion of potential jurors based on race or ethnicity.” The Supreme Court has also recently issued two relevant opinions on the subject – State v. Zamora and Henderson v. Thompson.

In Zamora, a criminal case, the high court applied the ‘objective observer’ standard. An object observer is one who is aware that implicit, institutional, and unconscious biases – in addition to purposeful discrimination – have influenced jury verdicts in Washington State. In Thompson, a civil case, the Supreme Court also applied the object observer standard and held that racism is endemic, and its harms are not confined to any place, matter or issue, whether they be raised in a criminal or a civil proceedings. Zamora and Thompson, along with GR37, serve notice that everyone involved in our litigation system has a moral, legal and ethical obligation to not only avoid purposeful discrimination, but also the very real propensity to evoke racial biases and stereo types in not only our jury selection process, but also the justice system as a whole.

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