Criminal Attorneys – Commutation is All the Rage

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

A week ago, Governor Jay Inslee commuted the sentences of more than 125 people on community supervision. The Governor’s actions related to folks whose drug convictions were previously deemed unconstitutional by the Blake ruling, which was handed down in February by our State Supreme Court.

In Blake, the court overturned Washington’s felony drug possession statute. The ruling literally rendered a decade’s worth of drug related cases invalid. The governor’s recent action was actually part of a broader push to grant as many as 1200 commutations. The governor earlier issued several commutations to incarcerated people serving prison terms solely due to Blake. The governor is issuing approximately 15-30 new orders of commutation a day, and is now allowing certain people convicted under the statute to petition directly for commutation.

Conversely, the law enforcement arm of our government is trying to quickly develop a reasonable, and acceptable, fix to the Blake problem. It is clear that the war on drugs isn’t quite over just yet.

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