Rash of Thefts Lead to Crackdown

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Over the past two months detectives with the Seattle Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force along with officers of the North and South Anti-Crime Teams arrested at least 33 suspects in a series of operations targeting property crime (i.e. Theft) in around Aurora Avenue North and the SODO district.

On the north end of Seattle, Police were informed that shoplifters were stealing from both the Home Depot and Lowes stores near Aurora and 125th Street at an alarming almost daily rate. Some thefts were misdemeanors while others rose to the level of a felony. In the SODO district SPD learned that shoplifters were stealing from the Home Depot in the 2700 block of Utah Avenue South. These crimes were also misdemeanors and felonies. One attempted theft actually involved a man who had filled up a shopping cart with a $600 generator, three drills, and rechargeable batteries, who brazenly exited the store and headed to his car before detectives contacted and arrested him after a short chase.

The SPD sting involved plain clothes officers, working with store security to identify and arrest the thieves. Detectives will now work with the City and King County Prosecutor’s Offices as the north and south end cases move forward through the SMC and King County court systems.  Crime along the Aurora corridor and in the SODO district continues to be heavy, and SPD is making it a major point of emphasis to crackdown upon. Undoubtedly there are more stings in the works in and around Seattle.

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