New Speed Limit Posted on a Section of I-5

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

South end commuters be forewarned, as of today the speed limit essentially between the Tacoma Mall and the Tacoma Dome has temporarily been cut to 50 mph. The new speed limit will extend a total of 6 miles southbound and 5 miles northbound and goes from the I-5, Highway 16 junction to just across the Puyallup River.

The reduction in speed comes amid a number of serious traffic accidents culminating in a March 26th crash involving a speeding semi-truck that the center barrier loose. That accident was the eighth truck related accident since September 30, 2018.

Over this past weekend 70-80 new speed limit signs were posted in and around the area. As for enforcement – WSP troopers plan to increase their presence in the area, and will be citing anyone exceeding the new speed limit. The thought is that with decreased speeds less accidents will happen and traffic congestion will thus be reduced.

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