What is Money Laundering?

Each and every state has its own definition of money laundering but it is generally defined as transferring money that’s been derived from a criminal activity to make it appear as though it’s been earned through legitimate means. Common criminal activities in which money laundering can occur are drug transactions, activities linked to terrorism, and organized crime. As with most states, Washington considers money laundering to be a serious crime.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that in order to violate Washington’s money laundering laws, a person must have knowledge that the property they’re transferring was obtained illegally. For example, a person who receives a gift without any knowledge that the gift was bought with money that was laundered wouldn’t be in violation of Washington money laundering laws.

In order to better understand Washington money laundering laws, you’ll need to know definitions of the following key terms: Financial transaction refers to any sale, purchase, gift, transfer, loan, trade, deposit, withdrawal, extension of credit, or any other acquisition or disposition of property. Conducting a financial transaction is initiating, concluding, or participating in a financial transaction. Specified unlawful activity: an offense that’s classified as a Class A or B felony in Washington, an offense listed as “criminal profiteering,” or an offense in another state or federal jurisdiction that’s punishable by more than one year in prison.

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