What is Comparative Juror Analysis?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

A new judicial precedent in Oregon may eventually extend to Washington. Oregon’s new standard for determining whether potential jurors have been excluded because of their race is called ‘Comparative Juror Analysis’.

Comparative Juror Analysis arose out of a case involving prosecutors that dismissed two members of a jury pool because they were the same race as the defendant, whom was facing murder charges. An appeals court overturned the defendant’s ultimate conviction. During the actual trial the prosecutors offered race neutral reasons for the jurors’ dismissals. The prosecutors claimed that the potential jurors’ responses to their juror questionnaire form indicated they were bias because one said that police officers often lie and the other said that innocent people are often convicted. The trial court accepted these reasons and booted the potential jurors from the juror panel.

The problem? Well, the appeals court determined that other jurors who weren’t dismissed had also given similar answers to the same exact questions. These potential jurors, however, were not the same race as the defendant and were not struck from the panel. The Oregon appeals court determined that the prosecutor’s basis for the black jurors’ dismissal was a ruse, and was really only done so as to avoid having the black jurors on the panel because of their race. Oregon trial attorneys are now having to figure out how to deal with this new empaneling standard. No doubt Washington trial attorneys may soon be in the same proverbial boat.

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