What are the Laws Regulating Fireworks?

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Fireworks are an integral part of any Fourth of July celebration, whether at home or out watching a professional pyrotechnic display. State governments generally have their own laws and regulations about the use of fireworks by regular folks. They only see the dangers of amateur firework displays and put harsh restrictions in place. That doesn’t stop stores in neighboring states from selling consumer fireworks to people willing to cross state lines to get them.

Most anti-fireworks laws do not just crack down on the sale and purchase of fireworks. They also prohibit their possession, as well. In many cases you can cross a border, buy them legally, then suddenly find yourself in possession of illegal fireworks when you cross back into your home state. State laws vary on the subject, but in many states the possession and/or use of fireworks could constitute a misdemeanor or fineable offense—and no one wants to spend Independence Day in the back of a squad car.

Federal law also prohibits the transportation of fireworks into a state where state law prohibits them.

In fact, the only state with fireworks laws that allow for transporting fireworks across state lines is Ohio. Laws in the state of Ohio allow the sale of most consumer fireworks. However, they require Ohioans to transport them out of the state within 48 hours of purchase. Those fireworks will be legal to discharge in all surrounding states.

The penalties for a violation of your state’s fireworks laws will increase in severity depending on the state fireworks laws and what you did with the fireworks in question. Possessing a few spinners or sparklers isn’t great, but probably not going to get you in much trouble with the law. Setting off bottle rockets may earn you a fine or worse. Damaging property with a firecracker or starting a wildfire by shooting something flammable with a roman candle is blazing right into misdemeanor and/or felony territory. And if someone gets injured or killed with a misfired aerial shell or skyrocket then you might as well start getting ready for prison.

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