Voting Rights Restored?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

In 2022, the right to vote was automatically restored to Washington felons upon their release from incarceration. Before this, felons didn’t necessarily have their voting rights restored upon leaving prison. Instead, they could regain their voting rights after finishing the conditions of their sentence, such as community supervision terms. Such periods could last months and years into the future after their release. A growing number of states are now slowly starting to follow suit. Last month, for instance, thousands of people with felony convictions regained their voting rights in New Mexico.

The legislative action helps with the reintegration of felons into society by allowing them to participate, and take pride, in community activism. The thought is that the more someone has a say in their community, the more they are invested in it, which increases the likelihood that they are going to be a productive member of that community, not a burden. In short, it is hoped that by re-instituting voting rights, crime recidivism will be reduced. Approximately half the states in our Union now allow people previously convicted of felonies to vote upon leaving prison. 10 other states may soon join this progressive movement, we shall see.

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