In today’s society there is a growing problem of people driving while under the influence of alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-impaired driving contributed to approximately 13,000 deaths last year nationwide. There are many ways of punishing drunk drivers, such as fines, loss of license, and even jail time; but many states are now looking for updated technology to deter future problems of drunk driving. Many US states are now turning to a tool called the ignition interlock device. The IID has existed for many years, but is beginning to grow in popularity. What is it? Basically the IID is a new gadget designed to deter drunk driving by requiring the vehicle operator to provide a breath sample before starting the vehicle. The device can also require furthered rolling samples after starting and while driving the car to ensure alcohol isn’t being consumed. When faced with a DUI, contact your Seattle DUI attorney at SQ Attorneys immediately to avoid such harsh consequences.

An IID is a bit larger than a cell phone and is installed into the vehicles ignition. It is designated to act like a breathalyzer to measure Breath Alcohol Content (BAC). If the driver’s BAC is above the states allowable limit, the IID will enter a lockout period not allowing the car to start for a predetermined amount of time. (The level of BAC generally varies from state to state, but on average it resides between .2% to .4% percent.) If an administered test is failed while the vehicle is in operation, the car will not shut off as this could cause an accident. Instead, the IID would turn on the alarm, flash lights, or other display to attract attention to the driver. The Seattle DUI lawyers at SQ Attorneys can fight hard to avoid having to have an IID installed in your vehicle.

If an offender is convicted and required to have this device installed in their vehicle, they must have it installed by a state approved manufacturer/installer. There are many different manufacturers and models, all which accomplish the same basic goal. The offender is responsible to pay for the installation fee which can range from $100-$200, along with the monthly rental fees that can range from $70-$100. The monthly rental fee can also go towards the monthly calibration that some models require.

The IID is largely tamper proof and designed not to be fooled by using balloons or other such things to blow samples of air into it. If any such attempts are made they are logged and will be flagged upon calibration inspection. Basic IID systems aren’t completely foolproof. For instance, to start the car the driver could recruit a friend to take the initial test. However, due to this complication one company called Smart Start, Inc. from Irving has developed an IID that takes a picture of the driver each time the test is administered, answering the question, who is taking the test. Many probation departments in Washington have seen this as quite an effective method. Contact your Washington DUI Lawyer at SQ Attorneys to find out more information on the IID.

While IID’s are not mandatory in all states, they certainly seem to provide a high level of deterrence where drunk driving is concerned.

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