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On December 31st the Washington State Supreme Court held the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution is not violated by barring people from carrying kitchen utensils (i.e., fixed-blade knifes) in public for self defense purposes. In essence, the ruling means that our right to bear arms does not include items like small paring knifes and the like. This is so because these items are akin to utility tools, not weapons, and as such these innocuous objects do not trigger constitutional protections.

The issue arose in a Seattle case wherein a man was convicted for unlawful use of a weapon after being pulled over and telling the officer, upon questioning, that he was carrying a knife. In her dissent, Justice Mary Fairhurst pointed out that scholars have recognized that knives are deemed militia arms, which would be covered by the 2nd Amendment.  The Majority did not see it that way, however.

As evidenced above, many actions are perhaps unknowingly considered ‘crimes’ in Washington State; and as many of us know by now, a criminal charge and/or conviction can have a lasting impact on one’s life. It thus should go without saying (but we will say it anyways) if you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge, you should immediately seek the advice of a qualified Seattle criminal defense attorney before resolving their case. The Seattle Criminal Defense Attorneys that make up the criminal defense team of SQ Attorneys are highly qualified and reputable Seattle criminal defense lawyers that are dedicated to providing top notch, aggressive representation for those arrested for crime all across Western Washington and the Greater Puget Sound region. The team creates success by working with law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney’s office to ensure that all facts and circumstances related to the criminal allegations are considered in creating the fairest, most equitable and just resolution possible in light of all the surrounding circumstances of the given case. So, whether cited for unlawful use of weapon, theft, a driving offense, prostitution, possession and/or distribution of drugs, assault, property destruction or some other law violation, protect yourself … call SQ Attorneys immediately.

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