Supremes Rule by not Ruling?

On Monday the United States Supreme Court sent out a loud and clear message. The Supremes rejected Arizona’s appeal of a law that would have denied bail to immigrants here in the United States illegally. The dubious Arizona law had been struck down last year by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which said that our constitution’s protection for liberty applies to all persons in the United States, not just U.S. citizens; people under arrest have a right to an individual hearing on whether they may be released from jail before trial. The Supremes simply refused to weigh in on the issue, and would not hear Maricopa County, Arizona’s argument that immigrants who were in the county illegally were not likely to appear for their court hearings if released from jail. This decision seems to be counter to ICE’s stepped up emphasis on cracking down on illegal immigrants; clearly it would appear that the left hand is not too concerned with what the right hand is doing.

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