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We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously. We live in a country that’s laws are written to protect its citizens. Our judicial system is the best in the world. Still, there are times that same judicial system appears to be flawed or imperfect. This is why our Seattle attorneys work tirelessly for our clients. The lawyers at SQ Attorneys take pride each time we play a role in protecting our clients or are afforded the opportunity to right a wrong.

It’s letters such as these that we receive occasionally that reiterate our faith in the American judicial system. We’ve changed our client’s name for confidentiality reasons, as well as the specifics of his case, but we’re reprinting the letter with our client’s permission and what follows is the letter our office received:

“Late last year, I found myself in a world of trouble in Seattle. Lawyers were out of the question, as I was sure there was no way out for me. That is, until I called you guys. The lawyers at SQ were really nice to me and pointed out things about my Seattle DUI case that I never thought mattered. Within a few months, the lawyers had it all straightened out for me and I now believe in the saying that good always prevails.
I’ve since found a new job and if I had not called you, I might would have missed out on my dream job since a background check was conducted before I was hired. I know I was innocent, but I just didn’t think I’d find anyone else who believed it too.
Your lawyers changed my life. For that, I will always be grateful.”

Indeed, this client’s situation was rare and proved difficult to prove; still, a team effort, faith in the system and our client allowed us to move forward and ensure one man’s rights weren’t violated and in the process, and that good has prevailed.
If you’ve found yourself in a difficult legal situation, we encourage you to contact our offices for a consultation. Our team of experienced attorneys stand ready to help you maneuver your own legal situation.

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